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Woman Poison Her Own Private Parts to Kill Husband

A Brazilian woman was accused of trying to kill her husband in a sweet drastic way after the man refused to give her a divorce.

According to Salon, the woman allegedly put poison in her vagina and then asked her husband to have oral sex with her.

The husband complied though, but noticed something was wrong when he smelled an unusual odor emanating from her nether.
Photo : Legacyamc.com
The intended victim — identified only as a 43-year-old man from Sao de Jose Rio Preto – knew something was going on when he noticed an unfamiliar odor coming from his wife’s freshly poisoned nether region.

Realizing that his wife was probably absorbing a majority of the poison she had intended to kill him with, he brought her to the hospital and saved her life.

In Batman movie, Poison Ivy who is primarily an enemy of Batman used to give toxic fatal kiss to her victims. Artwork by Wikipedia / Brian Bolland ( Artist)

Tests apparently revealed the woman had placed enough of the unnamed poison in her vagina to kill both her and her husband. She has since received medical treatment, although sources claim her husband plans to sue her for attempted murder.

According to The Guardian, women using poison to murder their husbands is an old trope – one going back as far as Claudius's poisoning, which implicated his wife Agrippina. "Arsenic Annie" Nannie Doss saw off four husbands, as well as most of her family, in the span of four decades (she confessed to the murders in 1954).