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Honest police official returns P100,000 cash to bank in Koronadal City. Earns Praise from Netizens!

Koronadal City – A police official was lauded and cited by Netizens as a model of policemen in the country after he honestly returned the P100,000 excess cash he withdrew from a bank in Koronadal City on January 15, 2015.

According to reports, PInsp Rafael Banggay Jr went to Land Bank Koronadal City branch on Thursday morning and encashed his check for P100,000.

He then left, boarded his car and proceeded to a gas station before proceeding to his office in PNP-12 regional office in Gen. Santos City.

"Nakita ko man pagbilang sang counting machine, 100 pieces nga tag P1,000, ti kumpyansa ko nga tama ang ginhatag sa akon (I saw while the money was being counted by the bank counting machine, so I was confident I got P100,000 cash0," Banggay said, adding that he did not dare to count it.

In the car and while at the gas station, he pulled out P500 as gas payment and noticed he received from the bank  one bundle of P1000 bills and another bundle of P500 bills. 

Each bundle had markings P50,000.   

Banggay said he even told himself in jest  "nanganak ang pera ko."    

He first proceeded to General Santos City to report for work and immediately called up a relative working in the said bank to report about the incident.  PInsp Rafael Banggay Jr. works as an Admin Officer of the  Regional Police Community Relation Division.

Afterwards, Banggay met with the bank manager and the teller where he turned over the P100,000 cash.The teller have expressed gratitude to Banggay and was very thankful for his honesty.

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