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P105-Million Iconic pipe bridge crossing to rise in Davao. Similar to famous San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge?

If you notice now when your passing through Gov. Generoso Bridge there's a new rising structure being constructed at the center. So what's that for? Since the bridge 1 renovation was just completed by DPWH in December 2014.

According to Philippine Information Agency website, the Davao City Water District or DCWD is currently building an eye-pleasing pipe bridge crossing that will soon be a landmark along Davao City's historic Governor Generoso Bridge.

The said structure is a suspension-type of pipe bridge crossing Davao River that will hold its 1000 millimeter water pipe.

"The pipe bridge will provide an 8% increase in water capacity as compared to the previous plain-looking pipe bridge before it was damaged by the flood." said DCWD spokesman Atty. Bernie Delima.

The earlier pipe bridge which held  650 and 700 mm pipes was destroyed by floods two years ago and the temporary remedy was to place the pipes along the bridge. However Department of Public Works and Highways limited the capacity to just two 200 mm pipes.

Delima said the Bankerohan Pipe Bridge Crossing will be a suspension-type bridge structure similar to the famed San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge or Cebu's Marcelo Fernan Bridge.

They are planning to put up lighting in the bridge which will be aesthetically pleasing and can be a tourism attraction in Davao City.

Aside from aesthetics, the high tension cables in the suspension bridge holds the trusses that carries the pipes making it structurally durable. The bridge posts are hidden behind the road bridge posts so as to be protected from future flood debris.

According to PIA, the said project will coast around P105-million and is expected to be completed by March this year.

Although this is a spectacular project, its awkward to see how the bridge is being surrounded by Slum inhabitants. We hope that the government will finally relocate and give them a descent home soon.

Source: (PIA/RG Alama)
Photo : (c) BamGarcia via Flickr