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Cavite : Man Caught in the act of Molesting a Cow - Gets pregnant?

Shameful act!

Cavite , Philippines - A 46-year old man in the Silang, Cavite was reportedly arrested by the police after caught having sex with the a cow.

According to Inquirer online report, Andy Loyola, a resident of resident of Barangay (village) Biga 2, Silang town in Cavite, was caught with his pants down while sexually abusing the cow near the Aguinaldo Highway at around 5 a.m Tuesday, the Cavite Police Provincial Office reported.

Authorities suspect that the man was under the influence of drugs when he abused the cow, as an alleged drug paraphernalia was seized form him.
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Various sources said, Rustico Sarno, the owner of the animal, earlier reported to village authorities that his cow went missing shortly after he left it to graze.

The pregnant cow will undergo a medical examination.

The man, who is currently detained at the Silang Police Station, will be facing charges for violating Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Law and Republic Act 10631 or the Animal Welfare Act.

Authorities also said that it was not the first time for him to sexually abuse an animal.
In an ABS-CBN report, the owner claimed his cow did not mate with other cows prior to the incident involving with Loyola.

So, his responsible for impregnating the said animal? Damn! Will expect a Minotaur breed.

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