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Banned Sehat Badan Herbal Drink Still on Sale Online and Locally

After a year it was officially banned, Sehat Badan still being  sold in OLX and many other online stores. The unregistered dangerous supplement also can easily be obtain locally even in Baclaran marketplace or in Davao's Uyangureen street we spotted some.

In January 2014, Food and Drugs Administration had issued warning to the public against a health supplement called "SEHAT BADAN" after Health practitioners  were alarmed of the rising cases of patients suffering from its adverse effects.

Prevous reports said that doctors had seen patients who looked “edematous” (nanghupong), all of who said they’ve been drinking “Sehat Badan” religiously for several weeks. Those patients claimed they felt better after taking the said coffee, which they made them “feel strong”, unlike before when they would always feel tired and had lots of body pains.

The Sehat Badan is advertised online as a herbal drink made in Indonesia that ‘promotes and enhance general well-being and treat various diseases’ such as asthma, urinary stones, allergy, impotence, rheumatism, toothache and ulcer. These claims are not approved by the FDA as the subject product is not registered in the agency.

However in July 2014, the FDA found that the “coffee” tested positive for the presence of diclofenac sodium, ibuprofen and paracetamol.

Dr. Arevalo said diclofenac sodium, ibuprofen and paracetamol are all anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs or “pain killers.” “Sehat Badan” drinkers might have felt better after drinking the coffee because these drugs could lessen the inflammation of their joints,and provide pain relief, especially for those with gouts and arthritis, she explained.

Arevalo said that instead of curing them, the “coffee” might instead do further damage to their health, especially their liver and kidneys. If people took medicines with their doctors’ prescription, she said, the doses would have been regulated, but with the “coffee”, patients drank several cups in a day.
Irresponsible and unregulated/excessive use of diclofenac sodium and ibuprofen are also known to cause stomach ulcers, which could lead to intestinal/gastrointestinal bleeding.

She is also wondering why almost all the patients they saw had the characteristic moon face and buffalo hump, which are manifestations of long-term steroid use. Hence, she wrote the FDA and asked them to conduct more tests.

The FDA instructed all distributors, retailers, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics to discontinue further distribution, sale and use of the product.

It also ordered FDA regulation officers to confiscate Sehat Badan and all other unregistered food supplements in the market or in the possession of individuals.

“All local government units and law enforcement agencies are requested to ensure that these products are not sold or offered for sale in their localities or area of jurisdiction,” the FDA said.

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