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Viral Photo : Man gets real bulls eye from the angry beast during Spanish Celebration

The unfortunate incident happened on the street in Teulada, a small coastal town on Spain's Costa Blanca, during the annual fiesta which begins on April 8 and last until April 19. The celebration involves floatillas and parades celebrating  the town's patron saint, Sant Vicent Ferrer.

Although he was not seriously hit, the unnamed man is apparently fleeing bull and he was knocked to ground before the horn of the beast him between the legs.

This is the moment an unlucky man was gored between the legs by a rampaging bull after being knocked to the ground during a bullrunning celebration in Spain DailyMailUK posted.

And despite his desperate efforts to climb back up, the bull appeared to hit him right in the bottom with one of its horns as he tried to scramble away.

A medical attention was subsequently provided for the lightly injured man.

Websites advertising the bull running recommend leaving the sport to the experienced locals, noting that the animals are faster than people think, and that it is mostly foreigners that get injured.

Source : DailyMailUK
Image credit : Alamy Live News