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2015 Pre-Qualifying Exam Results for Artillery Candidate Soldier Applicants

The Army Artillery Regiment of the Philippine Army announced the list of applicants who successfully passed the Pre-Qualifying Examination for Artillery Candidate Soldier which was conducted Nationwide by the AAR Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel, G1 on January 2015.

Based on the posted results by Hari ng Larangan, there were 1244 examinees who took the exam but only 100 applicants who got the high scores only were individually informed to proceed to Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija for processing.

The government fb page noted that this year's quota of AAR for Candidate Soldier Course is supposedly only 40.

The AAR pre-qualifying exam is a 100 items math heavy exam (basic high school mathematics):
75 items devoted for mathematical examination and the 25 items on  indicative
or analytic reasoning.

If you’re one of the examiners find your name below and check your score.

Top 100 Artillery Candidate Soldiers Examiners

Those who will be absorbed in the AAR will enjoy the benefits and privileges such as: stable job, high pay and allowances, local and foreign schoolings, and will get a chance to serve the country and fellowmen.