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Manila Ranks #1 in Narcotics ; 8,000 Villages under Drug Menace - PDEA

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo warned over the weekend that the Philippines is losing its war against illegal drugs because even law enforcement officers are already involved in the drug trade.

The tough-talking mayor  made his remarks  during the concluding-part nation-wide Federalism advocacy which brought him to many regions in the country said the drugs problem was brought up in almost all of the areas he visited.

“There were areas where I received reports that not only were law enforcement officers involved in the drugs trade but also local political leaders,” he said.

Duterte also added that while there are local government areas in the country who have launched serious campaign against the drugs problem, their efforts are confined within their political boundaries.

“Their problem is the fact that drugs continue to come in from neighbouring areas where these are manufactured,” he said.

File photo of a teenage in cocaine session via GetRealPhilippines
In an article published by the Philippine Star, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency confirmed the assessment of the Davao City Mayor on the serious drugs problem in the country.

PDEA director general Arturo Cacdac Jr. said that based on its consolidated data gathered from operational reports and other law enforcement agencies, the PDEA said around 20.51 percent or 8,629 villages out of the 42,065 barangays nationwide have drug-related cases.

“Metro Manila has the highest rate of being drug-affected with 92.10 percent of the region’s barangays affected, followed by Region 4A (Southern Tagalog) at 33.78 percent,” the newspaper report said.

“Methamphetamine hydrochloride, or shabu, and marijuana remain the most abused illegal drugs in the Philippines. Based on 2014 arrest data, 88.78 percent involved the seizure of shabu, while 8.86 percent covered the confiscation of marijuana. Dangerous drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, ephedrine, ‘fly-high’ and others constitute the 2.36 percent of the drug-related arrests,” Cacdac said.

“Once your child is hooked on drugs, you lose him forever,’ Duterte once warned saying that drugs like “shabu” damage the brains of children.

The Davao City Mayor calls for the reimposition of the death penalty for heinous crimes, including drug dealing in the country.

Drug Cartels Fears; Evil Plan to stop him from Presidency

Threatened by Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte's surging popularity, the country's big drug syndicates have reportedly formed an alliance to stop him from becoming the next President of the Philippines, said the former governor Manny Piñol.

According to the report,  a reliable intelligence over the weekend said big drug lords based in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao have linked up to put up a united front against a Duterte Presidency.

The first option would be to eliminate Duterte before he could even decide to run for the Presidency through assassination, the intelligence information said.

The second option is to launch a negative media campaign and black propaganda against the Davao City Mayor.

The third would be the use of drug money during the campaign period and the elections to ensure the defeat of Duterte.

Duterte was advised to beef up his security following the receipt of the raw intelligence information, the report added.

Source : Manny Piñol | Philippine Star