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NAPOLCOM Announces PESE Exam Schedule for August 2015

As a continuous effort to maintain a steady pool of third level eligibles in the PNP, the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) urged again all qualified police officers, with the ranks of Police Chief Inspectors and above and with permanent status, to apply for the Police Executive Service Eligibility (PESE) examination scheduled on August 23, 2015.

The PESE Exam has two phases – Phase I is the Written Examination to be conducted in Metro Manila (NCR), Cebu City and Davao City. Phase II is the Panel Interview for those who passed the Written Examination, the schedule of which shall be announced after the release of the results of the Written Examination. Those who passed both the written and panel interview shall be conferred the Police Executive Service Eligibility by the Commission in an appropriate ceremony.

The exam will focus on six (6) categories: executive emotional quotient inventory, leadership competency assessment, moral development, job knowledge, communication skills assessment and analytical/logical reasoning.

The PESE is an eligibility requirement for promotion to the third level ranks of Police Senior Superintendent, Chief Superintendent, Police Director, Police Deputy Director General and Police Director General. Promotion to higher ranks, however, requires possession not only of the PESE but also of other qualifications namely, education, experience/time-in-grade and training.

How to apply for PESE Exam?

PNP members should file personally or by mail their application form in any of the 17 NAPOLCOM Regional Offices indicating their choice of examination center.

The applicants should submit the following:

#1 properly accomplished examination form (Written Examination Form 1) and index card.

#2 one piece latest I.D. (1”x1”) and two latest identical I.D. (passport size) pictures with full name tag that includes the First Name, Middle Initial and Surname taken within three months before the date of filing of the application. Pictures that are scanned, photo copied or computer enhanced will not be accepted.

#3 two legal size window envelopes with P9.00 worth of mailing stamp for NCR applicants and P12.00 for Cebu and Davao applicants AFFIXED on each.

#4 copy of attested appointment (KSS Porma Blg. 33). They should pay also the examination fee of P700.

Qualified applicants will be notified through a notice of admission and must wear polo barong for the male and corporate attire for the female during the examination day

Period of Filling : June 15 to July 31
Date of Examination : August 23, 2015
Test Centers : Manila (NCR), Cebu City and Davao City