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Shocking Photos Shows 16,000 Pigs Drown After Extreme Rainfall in China

Is this a way of God's warning that Yulin's brutal dog killing festival must be stop? 
Nanning, China--Thousands of pig carcasses have been washed up on farmland in southern China after extreme rainstorm strikes that have caused devastating flash floods.
The manager of the pig farm, Wang Lin, told state media that the flooding happened so quickly he did not have time to evacuate the pigs. The farm is located in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region which has been deluged with 390mm of rain in a 20-hour period.
According to China Daily, a total of 16,000 pigs drowned at a farm flooded by heavy rainstorms in Southwest China, leaving authorities with the challenging task of sterilizing the carcasses.

The pig farm was located in Liuye Township in Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, where precipitation in the last 20 hours has reached 390 mm, with rain battering the region since last week.
Thousands of carcasses were floating in the floodwaters. Pigs that managed to survive the flooding were seen crawling to the shore or climbing on rooftops. Some of the dead pigs have begun to rot and are emanating a foul smell detectable from hundreds of meters away
Thousands of pig carcasses are floating in a lake-like flood of algae

It is not the first time photos of floating dead pigs have hit the headlines in China. In March 2013, the same number of dead pigs were found floating in the Huangpu river close to Shanghai. The pigs were thought to have died from a swine flu and dumped in the river by farmers after a crackdown on the illegal trade of contaminated pork,said TelegraphUK.