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Most Affordable Colleges and Universities in Mindanao from 2015 Onwards

Education in the Philippines is considered as one of the cheapest amongst other Asian countries. Recently the Commission on Higher Education has approved 313 private colleges and universities to implement an increase in their tuition for the incoming school year. Despite the increase in tuition fees, there are still schools in Mindanao that offers good education in a very affordable tuition. Here are the schools:

First on the list is the Western Mindanao State University, located at Zamboanga city. They offer courses such as agricultural courses, architecture, business, Communication and Information science, education, law, medical and health care and a lot more. Their tuition fee ranges from 6,000 - 10, 000 PHP per year.

Zamboanga City, State Polytechnique College is another school, which is located I'm Zamboanga that offers education at low cost. They also offer competitive courses which enrollees can choose from. Their tuition fee ranges from 7000 - 9000 PHP per year.

Next on the list is the University of Southeastern Philippines. They have several campuses in Mindanao. Since it is a public school, the tuition fee is not as huge as the private schools, but the quality of education offered there is very competitive as well. Their tuition fee ranges from 14000 - 20000 PHP per year.

Another university in Mindanao that offers high quality of education at a low cost tuition rate is the Central Mindanao University. Students at CMU pay 90.00 PHP per unit.

University of Southern Mindanao is a state university that offers a variety of courses which enrollees can choose from. The university has achieved center of excellence in its Veterinary Medicine and agricultural courses. It is one of the schools in southern Mindanao that provides quality education in an affordable tuition rate. The tuition rate of this university ranges from 10000 - 16000 PHP per year.

At the top of the list would be the Mindanao State University. This university probably has the lowest tuition rate in the Philippines. It has eight autonomous campuses all over Mindanao. MSU is the only university directly charged by the government to advance the cause of national unity and actively pursue integration through education.