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Man seeks help from police to locate stolen tricycle but he got busted - South Cotabato

Shabu pa more!

On Tuesday, October 20, a tricycle driver named Lodergario Esnoche of Banga town in South Cotabato went to their municipal police station to request assistance to locate his stolen tricycle in Barangay Ambalgan. However, he ended up getting busted for shabu possession,told NDBC report.

Photo credit : Philstar
According to report, the police asked basic information about him and the incident and requested to show his identification cards for correct name spelling and other data. But when he was trying to pull out his driver's license,  a small sachet of suspected "shabu" fell off and landed atop the investigation table and right before the eyes of police investigator.

Anoche tried to quickly pick-up the sachet but the police officer's hands were quicker.  It was too late for Anoche to put back the shabu in his wallet, the report added.

Esnoche will be charged for the violation of the Philippine Dangerous Drugs Act using the shabu recovered from his possession as evidence against him.

He was jailed while investigation and follow up operation of his stolen tricycle continues.

Source : NDBC / Manila Coconuts