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PCG Aptitude Battery Test Results for Nov- Dec 2015 | Complete List of Passers #PCGABT

Manila - The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) released the results of recent Aptitude Battery Test (ABT) conducted by the PCG Recruitment Branch on November to December 2015 at PCG districts in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Palawan, Bicol, Tacloban,Tuguegarao, Iloilo, and Cagayan De Oro.

The partial list of results were released on February 20,2016 and was posted to PCG Recruitment Branch facebook page.

Below is the list of examiners who successfully passed the PCGABT for SY 2016 - Commissionship and Enlistment program:

Initial List of Passers

Additional list of passers by districts


1. This pertains to the list of Applicants who successfully passed the PCGABT held last November and December 2015.

2. Applicants who successfully passed the PCGABT shall undergo Physical Fitness Test (PFT), Dental Examination, NP Test and Medical Examination which part of the Recruitment Process.
3. Guidelines for PFT are as follows:

a) Applicants shall secure a copy of Processing Form from O/CG-1. For applicants in PCG Districts, Processing Form can be downloaded from www.coastguard.gov.ph

b) PFT to all Manila Applicants will be scheduled by the Special Service Office in coordination with the Recruitment Branch. Only 100 applicants per day will be accommodated for PFT by the SSO. First to undergo the PFT will be the first 100 applicants, followed by the next 100 applicants, and so on.

c) PFT to applicants from PCG Districts will be scheduled by the District Athletic Officer and shall be posted on the PCG Official FB Account, www.facebook.com/pcgrecruitmentbranch

d) All applicants should have a duly notarized Physical Fitness and Release of Liability (PFRL) Form before conduct of PFT. NO PFRL, NO PFT shall be strictly implemented. PFRL can be downloaded from www.coastguard.gov.ph

e) Applicants shall ensure that their processing will be signed by the Athletic Officer after the conduct of PFT.

f) Applicants who will not appear on their PFT schedule, shall be re-scheduled on a later day.

g) Applicants from PCG Districts who opts to process their application in Manila shall be scheduled for PFT after finishing the PFT of all Manila Applicants.

Source: PCG Recruitment Branch