Latest Philippine Bar Exam Free Reviewer for 2021 #PDF

Many individuals have dreamt of becoming a lawyer, and many are aware how difficult it is to become one. Although enrolling in law school does not require a specific undergraduate degree. It does require you to take certain majors in college. Once you get admitted in a law school your journey to becoming a lawyer will formally start. Your focus will be set on passing the subjects and gaining knowledge and skills which you may use to be able to pass the bar exam. According to Dean Wenceslao G. Laureta,” Actual preparation for the bar examination starts from the first day a law student attended class during the first year in the law school.”

latest bar exam reviewer pdf

After finishing the four-year law school, the next thing that you need to focus on is passing the bar exam. The exam usually takes 2 days in conclusion. The bar examination is undoubtedly difficult and very demanding, there is no shortcut or secrets in passing a bar exam.

No one could help you pass the exam but yourself. Alejo Labrador said "There is nothing that can help a bar examinee most than a constant and intensive study of the provisions of the various codes and the interpretation and application thereof by the Supreme Court in its decisions. By study is meant, that the provisions must be correctly understood and the thought or words thereof put to memory. After a chapter, for example, has been studied, the next one should be studied next, and after this, a review of all that has already been studied re-reviewed, to keep the subject matter and the provisions fresh in mind.

You will need extra effort in studying and reading your notes and review materials. Engaging in a mock bar can also be of help, there is available bar practice test over the internet. A bar practice test is like a simulation of the actual bar exam questions. It will help you become oriented with what you may encounter during the exam proper. Reading books written by professional who talks about what you need to prepare and how you are going to prepare for a bar exam can be helpful.

Hearing the word bar exam may sound like an obstacle that is impossible to win over. But one good thing about taking the exam is that you have taken several exams during your time in law school. And the bar exam is just another exam. The difference is you are going to take it with hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals that you may know or not know. There are helpful tips posted by law professionals who are generous enough to share their knowledge and experiences when they took their bar exam.

According to Prof. Manuel R. Riguerra, after you graduated from law school you should (1) prepare and organize your review materials.  Get the opinion of professors and last year’s bar examinees as they are the best judges of law reviewers and can give you the pros and cons of a particular reviewer. (2) Prepare a bar review schedule. (3) Enroll in a bar review center. Although there are disadvantages such as it being costly, the advantage of enrolling in a review center are, it provides case and statutory updates, which because of time limitations, is often not provided by law schools.  A law graduate does not have the degree of knowledge of the bar subject and the intuitive feel for what are the important topics and probable bar exam questions which an experienced bar review lecturer has. 

There are available reviewers over the internet that you can download. Here is a list of available downloadable review materials for the Philippine Bar Exam:

Download and extract each folder to view the files.

The authors of these reviewers allow downloading of the materials for personal use but do not allow distribution and selling of the review materials without permission.

Contributor: Raine Corpuz