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Look : Cherry Blossom Tree in Mindanao Captivates Tourists

You no longer have to empty your wallets to catch a glimpse of these most beautiful flower in the world by flying to Baguio or Japan.

Photos of Cherryy Blossom tree in Mindanao posted in social has captivates the heart of many local tourists especially women.

The beloved cherry trees in the said photos can be found in Sitio Plamango, a small village two hours away from the municipality of Esperanza in Sultan Kudarat.

Still unknown how the cherry trees grown there but maybe it was planted by locals for oranamental purpose since the area has fine weather suitable for Sakura or any evergreen trees.

Plamango is also known for its mango and durian plantation, falls and breath-taking views.

In Japan, sakura blooms around March to May. In major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, the cherry blossom season typically happens in early April -- a major tourist attraction this time of the year.

In June, the first-ever sakura or cherry blossom park in the country was opened in Benguet.

Officials of Atok, Benguet, along with officials from the Kochi prefecture and Japanese embassy planted over 30 cherry blossoms and other kinds of trees from Japan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of sisterhood ties between Japan’s Kochi prefecture and Benguet province.

Photo credits : Esperanza MPS