Free anti-cervical cancer vaccines offered in Davao

A cervical cancer is a cancer that starts in the cervix, the narrow opening into the uterus from the vagina. The second most common cancers that affect women is the cervical cancer, but since it develops in time it is also considered as one of the most preventable type of cancer.

The Soroptimist International, is a global volunteer who are working together to transform the lives of women and girls. Currently they are extended a cancer detection clinic here in the Philippines. Aside from consultation they also provide free vaccination against cervical cancer.

According to Dr. Teresita Borillo, president Soroptimist International,Philippines Chapter, the free anti-cervical cancer vaccination campaign is their new program. This program focuses on the plight of women on domestic violence and personal health. She also added that the anti-cervical cancer vaccine provides lifetime immunity, especially for women ages 9 years old to 60 years old.

The said vaccine is costly; it usually costs P 1,500.00 per vaccine, which is one of the reasons why many women are not capable of paying for the vaccine. This is why the Soroptimist International is giving it for free. Women who are sexually active are more prone in acquiring cervical cancer, because of this; the anti-cervical cancer should be administered to them.

Dr. Borilla said that they have given emphasis on those women who are sexually active because the virus can be acquired through sexual contact.

At present, there are already 31 recipients from different barangay such as Matina Pangi, Lanang area, and some students of the Sunday high school at Assumption College of Davao.

The project is still ongoing, according to Dr. Borilla. “We already targeted housewives, and younger groups,” she added.

Not everyone can be a recipient of the project, in order to avail the free vaccines, interested person should attend the forum and lecture to know the importance of the anti-cervical cancer vaccine.

 “After the forum, your particular barangay will be the one to recommend on who will be the recipient. We will base it on the financial status of the patient, the check-up will be free also since we have a clinic,” Borilla said.

They are currently making arrangements with the Davao City National High School (DCNHS) to conduct a forum on awareness of cervical cancer.

Sources : DavaoToday
Contributor : R.Corpuz
Photo credit : Id-ea.org