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FULL LIST : Winners, Miss World Philippines 2016 Results

Catriona Gray is Miss World Philippines 2016! The 22-year-old Australian-Filipino model, singer, and blogger of Albay won the title at the coronation night Sunday, October 2, at the Manila Hotel.

Gray almost swept the smaller titles, being named Miss Manila Hotel, Miss Hannah, Best in Fashion Runway, Best in Swimsuit, Best in Evening Gown and Best in Fashion Runway. Breaking the streak, Lemonon was named Miss Photogenic.

She will represent the country at the Miss World competition, to be held at a convention center near Washington D.C. in December 20 this year.

Her runner-up : 

1st runner-up : Ariane Calingo
2nd runner-up : Ivana Pacis
3rd runner-up : Marah Munoz
4th runner-up : Sandra Lemonon

Top 12 Candidates of Miss World Philippines 2016 :

Candidate No. 7: Sarah Margarette F. Joson
Candidate No. 5 Arienne Louise Braga Calingo
Candidate No.13 Catriona Gray
Candidate No. 2 Shena Saldivar
Candidate No. 24 Yuri Yu Caunca
Candidate No. 21 Marah Muñoz
Candidate No.12 Arah Alvero Salientes
Candidate No. 23 Ralph Lauren Asuncion
Candidate No. 8 Sandra Lemonon
Candidate No. 18 Ivanna Pacis
Candidate No. 4 Alyana Kagandahan
Candidate No. 10 Kristine Lopez