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How to Apply scholarship through DOLE SPES | Requirements and Where to Apply Tips

Youth unemployment and difficulty of shifting from school to work has been persistent and considered a significant problem in the Philippines. Hence, the government and the legislators have acknowledge plans and programs which can intensify the probability of finding work for those jobless youth and elevate productivity.

The Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) is one of the government’s interventions upholding youth employment. It is a bridging mechanism that enables student-beneficiaries to gain skills and workplace experience.  SPES was created to harness the potentials and develop the intellectual capabilities of the youth especially children of the poor but deserving students of the country, geared concerning industrial development. By providing short-term yet beneficial employment to the hindrance of the youth in schools nationwide, the SPES has positively made a difference in the lives of Filipino students who have no means but have the knack to pursue education and chase their dreams.

What Is SPES?

The Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) is a program being mandated by the Republic Act No. 7323, entitled “An Act to Help Poor but Deserving Students Pursue their Education by Encouraging Their Employment during summer and/or Christmas Vacations. Through Incentives Granted to Employers, Allowing Them to Pay Only Sixty Per centum of Their Salaries or Wages and the Forty Per centum of Through Education Vouches to be paid by the Government, Prohibiting and Penalizing the Filing of Fraudulent or Fictitious Claims and for other Purposes”.  This has been amended by the Republic Act No. 9547 also known as “An act strengthening and expanding the coverage of SPES, Amending for the Purpose Provisions of R.A. No. 7323”. Under this law, the Secretary of Labor and Employment is designated Program Director of the SPES.


For students and drop outs, here are the basic qualifications:

1. Should be 15 to 25 years old

2.Should be currently enrolled, or enrolled immediately prior to the summer vacation

3. Open to drop outs who are interested to enroll to school

4.The combined net income (after tax) of the student’s parents should not exceed the poverty threshold determined by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). If the student is earning, the combined net income will include his/her income

5.The student should have a passing grade during the current term, and for drop outs, the last term attended

6. The parents of the student are about are about to be displaced from their employment or business because of closure of businesses and companies, or work stoppage due to sickness, among other reasons, and meets the conditions 1, 2 and 4 above.

For the Employers:

1.Any person or entity employing at least 10 workers at any point within the past 12 months, including private establishments, national government agencies, LGUs, government-owned or controlled corporations, educational institutions, labor unions and other similar organizations and associations may participate in the program.


For the students, these are the required documents needed:

1.Three copies duly completed Registration Form 01, verified by the school’s principal or school registrar with the student’s ID pictures

2.Any of the following legal documents that attests the student’s age:
a)Birth Certificate
b)Baptismal Certificate
c)Form 138 where the student’s age is specified
d)Joint affidavit of persons not related to the student (disinterested parties) attesting the student’s age
3.Any of the following documents that attest students school ratings:
a)Report Card-Form 138
b)Certification from the school registrar attesting the student’s passing grades for the previous term
c)Certified True copy of complete class cards where the student’s grades can be computed to see whether the grades are of passing rating.

4.Copy of the latest income tax return (ITR) of the applicant’s parents or certification from the employer/union president that the parent of the applicant is to be displaced or have been displaced.

For the Employers:

1.Pledges containing the number of vacancies, including the qualification requirements to the DOLE through the PESO having jurisdiction over their place of business.


1.Students-applicants may apply or visit any of the following the DOLE Regional/District/Provincial Office,  Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs) or other deputized entities them to get to know more about the program, and to get access to application forms.

2.Employers may signify their intentions to hire students by signing a pledge of Commitment and submitting it to the nearest PESOs/DOLE Regional Offices.

Contributor : R. Estrellan
Source : DOLE