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Oct 2016 Civil Service Exam CSE-PPT Results | Passers Lists

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is yet to release soon the results of the October 23, 2016 Career Service Examination – Paper and Pencil Test for both Professional and sub-professional levels conducted nationwide at selected testing centers.The list of passers will be posted here by region once available online from CSC.


As announced by CSC during the examination, the results will be released 41 calendar days after the exam date.With this, the results most likely will be out first week of December 2016..


Last April 17, 2016 Career Service Exam (CSE), a total of 25,276 examinees* passed the exam conducted nationwide by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). 22,041 was conferred for  civil service Professional eligibility, while the 3,235 of the successful examinees received SubProfessional eligibility.


Professional eligibility is needed for appointment to second level (technical) positions in the government, requiring at least a bachelor’s degree for education. The SubProfessional eligibility is applicable to first level (clerical) government positions that require less than four years of college studies. The Professional eligibility may also be used for clerical positions. Both eligibilities, though, cannot be used for positions involving practice of profession and those covered by special laws.
Apart from civil service eligibility and education, CSC clarified that the new eligible applicants must also meet the other basic requirements of experience and training for permanent appointment to a government career service position. Moreover, applicants to government posts may undergo an internal screening process by the agency’s Personnel Selection Board, which may be composed of written tests, interviews, and other processes to determine the most qualified candidate for a vacant position.

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