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Review : Bar Boys | A journey to Law and Life

For this year’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, one of the film tackled the stories about the life of law students and their journey en route for taking the bar exams.

This film entitled “Bar Boys,” a comedy drama top billed by Kapamilya and Kapuso actors Enzo Pineda as Chris Carlson is a rich boy amboy student with a very demanding father who was also a lawyer. Rocco Nacino who is Torran Garcia is a cool and self assured student which has a photographic memory and razor-sharp tongue. Here comes Carlo Aquino as Erik Vicencio, is a son of an elderly security guard that whatever it takes, his dream for his son is to become a lawyer.

Entering into law school, finishing it and finally passing the bar is not an effortless deed but this movie “Bar Boys” gives us the preview of what actually it looks like to be in a roller coaster journey in order to become a lawyer.

“Bar Boys” tackles about friendship, family and passion to push through their desired career. Go along a group of friends who at the same time chasing their dreams to become a lawyer and handling struggles through their individual indifferences.

The writer-director Kip Oebanda, shows us the multiple sides in the story which gives us the back stories of each of the main characters which includes within the school or in their own homes. It is a combination of humor but serious with a heavy dramatic attack feels in every situation.

The episodes within the school entailed the frightening or side-splitting peculiarity of different professor they meet, also the different types of classmates and usual situations that typically happened within the class: the photocopy of thick book as required readings which is a normal scenario during the first school year or even along the upcoming years, the spur of the moment recitations during on the first day of class, the squabble of answers and performance grade and the sacrifices you will give even if your personal life and attachments is at stake just to chase what you always dream of. This film enlighten you what to expect and tip off you in advance.

Despite of the fact that Law school is a serious matter, the film showcase sense of humor which makes the story very catchy and realistic. Whether you are someone who is aware of the happenings in the law circle or unmindful of the technical concepts used all through the film, every punch line strikes. It is a big help that the actors involved was skilled with a great comedic point and bubbly jokes. It seemed become natural and realistic to the point that it was able to impart the balance in the story.

That said, whether you are a law student or not, “Bar Boys” presented something to everyone especially to those who are suffering from scarcity and held back by their status in life. Entering into Law school is something high-flying undertaking to the outside world but it is diverse within limitations of the nature.

A strong foundation of friendship in this story was undertake and proved that regardless of indifference friends are here to stay, helping and bringing the best for each other.

As a whole, “Bar Boys”, is a film that realistically moves the heart of the viewers especially when it comes about pursuing dreams and making it come true despite of the circumstances that is happening. In order to achieve such desire, struggles are necessary and part of the journey. It shows that family and friends are the strong support system in achieving the goal or a career you want. The film gives us the awareness how the law students moulded as a preparation to become a lawyer and it is a great drive that would inspire any kind of feeling embedded from the dream that somehow will turn into reality.

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Contributor : Rhea E.