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Viral : Hunk Military Doctor In Marawi Captivates Netizens

Who would think that in the midst of struggles of our military men in Marawi, there was an angel like being sent down from above to take care the wounded civilians and soldiers?

Meet Major Abdul-Aziz D Ontok.

He’s not just your typical hunky man in uniform, but he is also a doctor, a neurosurgeon to be exact.   According to the report posted via Facebook page of RMN Iloilo, he is Major Abdul-Aziz D Ontok, 31 years old from Zamboanga. This good looking neurosurgeon in Marawi, lately went trending as he unleashed overloading “kilig” that captivates netizens all over the internet.

This charming and social savvy Doc currently deployed in Marawi’s front lines, as in-charge of a team of military medics who give emergency care for war casualties, military and civilians in the continuing offensive battle against the terrorist “ Maute” group.

During his pre med and med proper in Mindanao State University, Major Ontok finished with flying colors. After he successfully passed the Physician Licensure Examination (PLE), he then immediately decided to go through the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

As stated on the report, he served as an Instructor in Tactical Combat Casualty Care in the Philippine Army. He emphasizes that being in a war zone was not unusual to him since he’s from Mindanao which happened to have various incidents of attack. He admitted that before, the bombings happening on their place really scared him but he could do nothing with it but to stay strong. He did not like the effects of war and that was exactly the main reason why he still pursue his career on serving others.  Major Ontok stated that his parents want him and also his siblings to be a doctor and because of that he decided to pursue medicine.

Admittedly, he shared that he was the “black sheep” of his family and even professed that he got through the point of entering into a fraternity, drank hard, liquor drinks and even go into addicted in playing DOTA.

Since he’s already a doctor, he continued his aspiration to become a soldier.

Photo credits : RMN Iloilo / FB