AFPSAT Review Materials & Practice Exam for Army Aspirants #PDF 2023

What is AFPSAT?

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test or also known as AFPSAT is a unified written examination which is a pre-entry requirement for Army, Air Force, and Navy (Marines) aspirants. Selection of men and women in the Armed Forces of the Philippines using psychological testing has long been used and remains an indispensable part of Neuro-Psychiatric Screening. One of the qualifications being sought is aptitude towards pre-entry training and subsequent service in the military.

The AFPSAT examination fee is free and in order to qualify for the exam, aspirants should meet the basic qualification standard and requirements of the AFP indicated below.

afpsat reviewer pdf

Qualifications & Requirements

For Officer Candidate Course (OCC), one has to be a baccalaureate degree holder, natural born Filipino citizen, 21 to 29 years of age upon admission (no age waiver), single, never been married and never borne or sired a child, not less than 5’0 ft. (152cm) but not more than 6’4” ft. (193.04cm) in height for both male and female, of good moral character and physically, mentally and psychologically fit for active military service.

For Officer Preparatory Course (OPC), a natural-born Filipino citizen, inactive Commissioned Reserve Officer who was commissioned in the Philippine Army under Circular 4 Groups I and II, must not be over 31 years old on the date of Called to Active Duty (CAD), a baccalaureate degree holder, physically, mentally and psychologically fit for active military service, not less than 5’0 ft. (152cm) both for male and female but not more than 6’4” ft. (193.04cm) in height and of good moral character.

Likewise, qualifications for Candidate Soldier Course (CSC) are the following: natural-born Filipino citizen, at least 18 to 23 years old before the date of appointment as candidate soldier (no age waiver), at least high school graduate but possesses technical/vocational skills needed by the AFP, not less than 5’0 ft. (152cm) both for male and female but not more than 6’4” ft. (193.04cm) in height (no height waiver), unmarried and without a child, of good moral character and physically and mentally fit for military training.

The following are the requirements needed for registration during the AFPSAT 

1) Birth Certificate
2) Transcript of Records and Diploma
3) Diploma w/ Form 137-A (for High School Graduates)
4) Valid ID (Government Issued)
5) One (1) 2x2 Picture

AFPSAT Exam Coverage

The exam is consisting of 150 multiple-choice items which usually cover the following topics:

-Philippine Constitution
-General Information
-Verbal reasoning
-Logical reasoning
-Quantitative reasoning
-Current Events

AFPSAT Mechanics, Validity, and Passing Score

New Passing Grade Guidelines for AFPSAT ( As of September 10, 2018)

  • AFPSAT result shall be valid for a period of three (3) years
  • Retake shall only be allowed once for an applicant and it shall be conducted at least
  • six (6) months after the initial examination
  • All major services shall henceforth recognize the result as valid and said applicant need not take the same test if he/she applies in another branch of service within the period of three (3) years.

AFPSAT Examination Schedule | Processing Centers Info

For the latest updates about AFPSAT exam dates and venues, please kindly visit our post: Latest AFP Exam Schedule

Where to get free study materials, reviewers and practice tests for AFPSAT

The AFP does not offer any reviewers for AFPSAT and unlike other proficiency tests, you can rarely find a review center that caters review courses for military exams in the Philippines not even for PMAEE and PNPCAT.

However, if you're resourceful enough there are tons of study materials online that you can use as a reference for your review.

Below are some of the supplement review materials with high relevance to AFPSAT exam coverage. You can download it for free and start answering the practice tests at your convenience.