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How to Join CAFGU | Recruitment Info #CAA # SCAA

What is CAFGU

The Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Units (CAFGU) are paramilitary units composed largely of volunteer reservists organized into companies of 88 personnel that are handled by a squad of regular troops responsible for providing guidance and control. As of 2015, there were 53,004 CAFGU members deployed to the 14 battalions of the Philippine Army which administer the CAFGU units.

CAFGUs are the ones giving information to their cadres since they have access to the different areas, have complete knowledge of the terrain, and they are the direct contacts in the community. CAFGUs have the advantage in protecting their villages from outside threats as they are more familiar with their own communities.

 Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Units | Photo : FB/ SaludoSaCafgu

Members undergo a basic 30-45 day Basic Military training program that focuses on firearms and small-unit tactics; receive free health care, an initial clothing allowance, and a small stipend of 2,700 to 8,000 pesos per month; are armed with M16s, M14s, and carbines; remain subject to military law and regulations; and must wear uniforms.

There are two types of CAFGUs: the CAFGU Active Auxiliaries (CAA), which are organized under the direct supervision of the army and receives living allowances from the AFP; and the Special CAFGU Active Auxiliaries (SCAA), which receive living allowances from companies or LGUs that employ them to secure areas or business establishments. Special Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Units (SCAAs), funded by private business and Local Government Units (LGUs) and under the operational control of the AFP, were authorized by a 1989 Directive of Chief of Staff General Renato de Villa.

General Duties of CAFGU

  • Act as force multipliers of the AFP in in securing the local communities against lawless elements under the unit’s Area of Responsibility (AOR).
  • Strengthen the visibility of the armed forces at the same time to support the police in building community relations as well.
  • Augmented to different patrol bases to assist in the community development activities and assistance, as well as in the campaign against threats in the locality.
  • To help AFP in the delivery of services to the community particularly in times of calamities.

How to Join CAFGU

According to an article published by Business Mirror, as of 2015, the recruitment of CAFGU members (particularly CAA) was put on hold in compliance with the provisions of the General Appropriations Act Fiscal Year 2015 (GAA FY 2015).

As stated by Section 3 of the General Provisions of GAA FY 2015 provided “No new Cafgus shall be recruited for training and the corresponding costs attendant to the training of existing Cafgus shall be gradually scaled down in anticipation of its planned demobilization as a result of the implementation of the Revised AFP Modernization Program.”

However, in some conflict prone areas in the country the Local Governments Units has the authority to request the Armed Forces of the Philippines to still establish a company of Special CAFGU Active Auxiliary (SCAA) to deter criminalities and terror attacks. The City LGU then will shoulder the monthly allowance and uniforms of SCAA members while the AFP is mandated for the training, arming, and supervision of militiamen.

Big private companies are also allowed by the military to hire SCAA to prevent their getting taxed by insurgents. For example, the DM Consunji company in Mindanao, they hire company guards trained by military as Special CAFGU Active Auxiliary (SCAA) to secure their various plantations.

Qualification for CAFGU

Here are the Selection Criteria for Appointment to CAFGU Active Auxiliary:
  • Volunteer Reservist
  • Natural-born Filipino citizen
  • Preferably belonging to the First Category Reserve/
  • Age profile (18-35 years x old)
  • Not more than 51 years old
  • Bonafide resident of the community
  • Physically and mentally fit for combat duty
  • Good moral character
  • No criminal record or pending criminal case
  • Nominated by the Barangay Peace and Order Council or
  • Municipal Peace and Order Council
  • At least high school level and physically fit to perform duty
Those who want to be recruited are required to present National Statistics Office birth certificate and clearances from Barangay, police and mayor’s office.

CAFGU Salary and Benefits

In order to ensure the welfare of Cafgus, the Army facilitates special benefits for them, including individual clothing and individual equipment, scholarship for dependents; maintenance of Cafgu bases; Philippine Health Insurance Corp. benefit; and insurance benefits. CAA are also entitled to P150 subsistence allowance daily, or a total of P4,500 or P4,650 per month. Currently, the CAA under Task Force Davao are enjoying a monthly salary of P7, 400.

CAFGUs who are employed under private companies may have bigger allowances and benefits.

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