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How to Join Presidential Security Group (PSG) | Qualification, Benefits, Salary and Recruitment Info

What is PSG?
The Presidential Security Group (PSG) is the lead agency tasked with providing security to the President of the Philippines, the Vice President of the Philippines, and their immediate families.
The PSG is stationed at MalacaƱang Palace, the official residence of the President. Members of the PSG also accompany the President on both domestic and overseas trips.

Roles of PSG
The role of the PSG is to provide protective security to the following:
-          The President and their immediate families.
-          Former Presidents and their immediate families.
-          MalacaƱang Palace (Seat of Government).
-          Visiting heads of states or diplomats and Cabinet Members and their families traveling with them.
The Presidential Security Group also have other functions, such as providing support to other government agencies. They assist the AFP and PNP in its anti-organized-crime undertakings, usually authorized by the Office of the President. They also conduct community service efforts in local communities and maintain and secure all facilities and transportation assets used by the Office of the President and Vice President in doing its regular and non-regular functions.

They are also mandated to provide close protection for ex-presidents for life.

-Filipino Citizen 
-College Grad or w/ minimum 72 units and TESDA certificate 
-18 to 26 Years Old-Physically and Mentally Fit 
- Height: 5’6’’ for Female & 5’8” for Male 
-With excellent pleasing personally

Initial Requirements:
-Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate 
-2 pcs 2x2 picture w/ white background 
-1 pc full body picture with white background

Salary and Benefits (To be updated)
Opportunity to join one of the elite forces of the AFPOpportunity to protect the President both local and abroadGreat retirement benefits

Recruitment Info
Screening of applicants started last September 18, 2017 at PSG Headquarters, Malacanang Palace, Manila.
For more details please call 0906-441-9810