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Frequently Ask Questions About PAF Officer Candidate Recruitment #PAFOC


1. What are the qualifications in order to become an Officer Candidate (OC)


a. Male or female natural born citizen of the Republic of the Philippines;
 b. Single, never been married, and has no legal obligation to support a child or children:
c. Must be a Baccalaureate Degree Holder;
 d. With a height of at least 152.4 cm (5 feet) for both male and female;
 e. At least 21 years old but not more than 29 years old upon admission for training;
f. Must be physically and mentally fit for military training, and with good moral character.

2. I took the examination last year but I did not pass, would I be able to take the exam again?

YES. You can take the examinations again as long as you still satisfy the prescribed qualifications. The PAF General Classification Test (PAFGCT) shall be taken every recruitment cycle. However, the retake for AFPSAT shall only be allowed once for an applicant and it shall be conducted at least six (6) months after the initial examination.

3. What are the initial requirements for OC?

You shall be required to submit two pieces of 2x2 pictures, photocopy of your PSA-issued birth certificate and Transcript of Records. Electronic copies of these documents shall be uploaded during the online registration and the hard copies shall be presented before you take the tests at the examination venues.

4. I am a fresh college graduate; can I apply to become a PAF Officer?

YES. You can apply as long as you satisfy the mandatory requirements.

5. What Office or Unit should I go to inquire about the requirements applying as OC?

Applicants may inquire at different PAF processing and examination centers nationwide. It is posted in the advertisement materials.

Applicants may also visit the PAF website at httos://www,oal.mil,oh. They may also visit or call PAFPMC at 0949-590-6803 and/or 0966-461-7913.

6. I am already 21 years of age and I am already married and had a child, am I still qualified to apply for OC?

NO. An applicant for OC must be single, never been married, and never borne or sired a child.

7. I'm a graduating student this coming March or April 2019, can I be an OC?

 YES. As long as you are qualified based on the mandatory requirements.

8. How long is the training? Is training hard?

The training curriculum lasts 15 months. The training will test your physical and mental fortitude as it will extend the limits of both. This is to transform Officer Candidates from "carefree" civilians into regimented military officers.

9. What benefits should I get?

- Receive Pay and Allowances while ongoing training
 - Opportunity to serve the country - Opportunities for career advancement
- Opportunities for Post Graduate Studies both local and abroad
- Leadership and other skills training - Insurance and Healthcare Benefits
- Billeting and Housing Privileges
- Job Security - Competitive Pay and Allowances
 - An opportunity to lead in the Air Force

10. What is the passing score for OC? 

For the AFPSAT, passing score of Officer is 98. 
For the PAFGCT, passing score for Officer is 60.

11. When will be the publication of the exam result of OC? 

Results are usually published 15 days after the last day of the scheduled nationwide examinations. However, this timeline may change due to unforeseen factors.

12. Where can I apply and where are the Processing Centers?

Visit any of these Processing Centers near you!

 PAFPMC Col Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City
(02) 854-6701/ 09234090047/ Local: 6021

AETDC  Fernando Air Base, Lipa City
 (043) 774-9498 / 09350556738/ Local: 3201 / 3601

ADW  Basa Air Base, Pampanga
09506277673/ 09253573132/ Local: 3475 / 3652 / 3211

530th ABW Edwin Andrews Air Base, Zamboanga City
(062) 991-1070 / 09177090182 / Local: 6126 / 6141

560th ABW BGen Benito Ebuen Air Base, Lapu-lapu City
(032) 340-3128/ (032) 340-3129  / 09255654560

600th ABW Air Force City, Clark Air Base, Pampanga
(045) 599-2014 / Local: 6001 / 6031/ 6011

570th CTW Antonio Bautista Air Base, Puerto Princesa City
(048) 433-3991 / 09085089139 / Local: 4141

For more information, please inquire at PAFPMC, Col Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City (854-6701) or at the nearest Philippine Air Force Unit in your locality or visit our website at www.paf.mil.ph

13. Is there a waiver for Height and Age?

The PAF does not grant height or age waivers. However, members of Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples may present a certification from the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) for them to be exempted from the height requirement.

14. Can certain health problems prevent a candidate from applying?

Every OCS applicant must undergo complete Physical/Medical examination and must be physically and mentally fit for training as attested by the authorized military hospital

15. Does having a criminal record disqualify a potential recruit from military service?

YES. An applicant must have no derogatory records or any administrative and criminal record filed against him/ her.

16. Can foreign-born Filipino citizens join the Military?

 An applicant must be a male or female natural born citizen of the Republic of the Philippines.

17. If I graduated from OCS, can I become a pilot?

Yes, but Military Pilot Training (MPT) has its own sets of qualifications. Graduates of PAFOCS become PAF commissioned officers thus qualifying them for pilot training. However, they have to undergo different processing of selection under the supervision of the MPT Selection Board.

18. Is there an examination for Candidate Soldier?

None, we still don't have any tentative schedule for Candidate Soldier. Our nationwide scheduled examination is for PAF Officer Candidate Course only.

19. Do you accept walk-in applicants?

Yes. However, you need to fully accomplish the AFPSAT E-Portal online registration to take the AFPSAT qualifying exam. After, accomplishing the AFPSAT E-Portal online registration you can print the AFPSAT application form that will serve as your permit. Then you can proceed to the nearest PAF bases/processing centers to file your application and submit the following initial requirement:

• Photocopy of Transcript of Records
• PSA Birth Certificate
• 2x2 Picture with white background

Note: For those applicants who already took the AFPSAT and already pass the AFPSAT Exam for Officer, you can proceed to the nearest PAF bases/Processing Centers to file your application. Don't forget to bring the photocopy of your AFPSAT Individual Result Form together with the initial requirements.

20. How do I apply? I live in XYZ, where do I apply?

You may visit the nearest Phil. Air Force unit in your area. Instructions on how to apply usually are included in the application forms that will be posted in this page once made available.

Check question #12

21. I am XX years old, am I still qualified to join?

You must be 21 to 29 Years old upon admission for training. Training usually starts in August of every year. You must not be a DAY OLDER than 29 y.o. upon reporting for training. You may compute (do the math) and see if you're still qualified.

22. Where can I get the application form and inquire for other information?

Please look for any Philippine Air Force units near your area. Application forms and other information regarding PAFOCS recruitment are usually available there. This page will also provide the form and relevant information when recruitment resumes.

 23. Is there an existing quota system for College courses as a basis for admission?

Recently, there has been a move to make a quota-based system of selecting candidates based on their courses. This is to prevent oversaturation of candidates with certain courses who join the training.

24. When is the next exam?

For a number of years now, the PAFOCS qualifying exams have always been conducted from January to March sequentially in testing centers throughout the country. There is always only 1 exam period per year.

25. Where can we see the list of exam passers or final list of candidates?

Unfortunately, the PAFOCS do not have early possession of such lists. However, PAFPMC (not PAFOCS) contacts all qualified individuals if they are included for the next phase of recruitment. The final list of candidates is usually considered confidential information. If you have not been contacted to proceed to the next phase, you may not have qualified.

26. Will I become a military pilot after PAFOCS training?

No, you will not. But you will be on the right path. Not all PAFOCS graduates become pilots since pilot training requires another set of qualifications. PAFOCS graduates who do not become pilots will still have a plethora of military career options ahead of them.

 27. Is PAFOCS the same as PMA?

PAFOCS and PMA both train able-bodied individuals to become military officers but there are a lot of difference between both institutions. PMA produces army, navy and air force officers while PAFOCS only produces air force officers. PMA trains cadets for 4 years that includes both COLLEGE EDUCATION and MILITARY TRAINING. PAFOCS only accepts COLLEGE GRADUATES because it trains Officer Candidates for 15 months of MILITARY TRAINING only.

 28. Is ROTC a requirement to join?

ROTC is not compulsory to join PAFOCS training. Although it is better for applicants to have prior knowledge and/or experience with military culture to better prepare them for extensive military training. Further, the Selection Board may add points to your favor if you have ROTC units during college.

29. Do I need Civil Service Eligibility or other PRC licenses to qualify for PAFOCS training?

CSC Eligibility is only needed when applying for civilian government positions. No licenses or eligibilities are required for military training. Having CSC or PRC licenses (board passers) will not automatically give you a free pass to join PAFOCS. Applicants still need to take and pass the initial exam and AFPSAT.

30. What is the coverage of the qualifying exam?

As per PAFOCS, the examiner should build stock knowledge in grammar and general/military knowledge. Practice critical thinking and analytical skills. Brush up on their math skills.

For the type of PAFOCC exam check question #34

31. I already took the AFPSAT at the PAF, how and where can I get my AFPSAT Individual Result File (IRF)?

For AFPSAT exams administered by the PAF, please proceed personally to PAFPMC at Col Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City to secure a copy of your AFPSAT IRF. For those outsides of Metro Manila, please proceed to your previous PAF Processing Center.

32. In my AFPSAT Application Form, it states that my status is PENDING. What should I do?

As long as you already have your AFPSAT Examinee Number, you can already proceed to Step 3 stated on the dashboard shown on this link: https://recruitment.airforce.mil.ph Your application will be complete once you already have two forms as shown on this post.

33. I already have my AFPSAT application form, what should I do next?

Proceed to Step 3 stated on the dashboard shown in this link: https://recruitment.airforce.mil.ph

33. How will I know if my PAF Online Application or Registration was confirmed to have the PAFGCT Exam Permit?

If you applied in the PAF Online Application and fully accomplished the online registration together with the uploaded necessary requirements, our Admin will verify first your online application/registration. If your application was verified and you are qualified to take the qualifying exam you will be notified thru your registered email address to print your exam permit.

34. What types of PAFOCC Examinations?

For the Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate Course (PAFOCC) Qualifying Examination, there are three (3) types of written examination:

2. The PAF General Classification Test (PAFGCT). 
3. Special Written Examination (SWE).

PAFOC applicants will be taking the AFPSAT and the PERFECT same day of their scheduled date of examination. Once the applicants passed both examinations, they will undergo Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Physical/Medical Examination. Prior to the scheduled Board Interview for the PAFOCC applicants, PAFPMC will inform the PAFOCC applicants to report at the Philippine Air Force Personnel Management Center (PAFPMC), Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City to take the Special Written Examination (Essay).

35. What are acceptable IDs for PAFOCC Applicants:

PAFOCC Applicants shall bring any of the two (2) following valid ID's:

• School ID
• Company ID
• Voter's ID
• Passport
• NBI Clearance
• PRC License ID
• Driver 's License
• Postal ID
• Police Clearance
• Barangay ID
• Philhealth ID

Sources: PAF Officer Candidate School / PAF / AFP