Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Sadist Yaya Video goes Viral and Outraged Netizens

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After uploaded on YouTube, the video of a Yaya or Nanny goes viral on Facebook and earned angry reactions from concern Netizens.
The video is not about a caught-on-CCTV act of robbing her employer's home but a fierce Yaya obviously hurting the poor baby she's taking care of.

In this video, it seems that the Yaya was going to put dress on the baby after bath but the Angel seems not feeling well, unexpectedly, she somehow tortured the baby instead to comfort.
A scene might be the parents become hysterical after watching.
On  Facebook Abbie San Pedro Raneses  commented, “there should be a psychological test before hiring a nanny/maid and it should be mandatory...this video is showing us very clear that this person doing such a horrible things with the baby have mental illness... no one can do such things unless they are mentally stable, kind hearted and a loving person...i really feel sorry for the baby... God will find a ways to stop this kind of inhuman actions.”
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