Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Man Claims He was Scammed by A Dipolog Girl.Posts w/ Private Photos

Monday evening when a Facebook user only known as" Hmd Ullah" uploaded naked photos of a  girl who allegedly scammed him.

Not just one but series of private photos that outraged the members of Dipolog City page.

Ullah named the girl as Lady May Zulueta, a freshman student from Jose Rizal Memorial State University 17 of real age.
Screenshot image
He called the  girl as a "liar and cheater" trapping people for money .

According to him, the strategy of the said girl is to seduce her victim by showing off her naked body, private parts, and masturbating on cam. Allegedly the girl used to tell lies about her family to get sympathy from the victim so it will send money.

Ullah claims the he was able to sent out 5000 pesos and another 28,000 pesos before the girl blocked him on Facebook.
message screenshot

When a certain member ask Ullah to show proof of money transfer he didn't respond.

The members bashed Ullah for pretending as English-speaking foreigner but spotted posting Bisayan message while concealing his profile pic.

Another member said that Ullah's action was improper and disrespectful to women's that if he had a complains to somebody he must not post those sensitive photos in the Internet but rather  report to authorities.

One of the members said that they know the girl in the photos who works in Lee Plaza and they tried to contact her BF regarding the issue but no response.
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