Wednesday, January 07, 2015

13 Reasons Why Jehovah’s Witnesses is a Religion of Cult!

Jehovah’s Witnesses are very strongly cultic in both doctrine and behavior,thus fitting both categories of false doctrine and mind control:

  1. They believe that all true Christian churches are of the devil.
  2. They believe that only 144,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses will go to heaven.
  3. They believe that salvation is impossible outside of the Watchtower.
  4. They are not allowed to question the Watchtower leadership or teaching.
  5. They claim you need to read the Watchtower’s magazines and other material in order to understand the Bible correctly. If you don’t read the Watchtower’s books, you will “fall into darkness” – what they call reverting to normal Christianity.
  6. They have falsely predicted the end of the world five times.
  7. They are "encouraged" to visit homes for at least 10 hours per month distributing Watchtower materials.
  8. They use their own special translation of the Bible which mistranslates the original texts.
  9. They are well known to disown, shun, and ignore any friends and family leaving the organization.
  10. They discourage tertiary education.
  11. They are not allowed to be in the army or wear crosses.
  12. They are not allowed to celebrate birthdays.
  13. They are not allowed to have blood transfusions, even to save a child’s life.
JW emerged from BIBLE STUDENTS GROUP founded by Charles Russel and fomed the Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society under the leadership of Joseph Franklin Rutherford.

Beware of this cult group. They visit Christian houses and try to convert Christians with their theology.
Now- a- days many Christians are aware of JW and JW are not entertained in many Christian houses. So JW are masquerading themselves in the following names [SpiritualWhip]

1) Bible Students Group
2) Covai Bereans
3) Chennai Bible Students
3) International Bible Students (IBS)
4) Associated Bible Students (ABS)
5) Independant Bible Students 

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