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Smart offers free Access on 24 websites including Facebook through app - No data Charges | Checkout on how to avail.

Manila, Philippines- Smart, the leading wireless service provider in the country unveil its plan to bring more of mobile internet to all Filipinos through its partnership with Facebook’s app, offering a set of mobile internet services – including useful education, news, health, messaging and communication – without data charges.

As per telcos latest press release said, that for its initial phase, app allows Filipinos to enjoy free access to a buffet of 24 websites featuring informative and practical content, including Facebook and Messenger, on their mobile phones.

Image via Smart
Since 2014, has rolled out in six countries, including Colombia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, India and Zambia, enabling people to browse useful information and websites with zero data charges. And Smart is the first telco to launch with app in the Philippines, and it will mark the launch as first app available in Southeast Asia.

How to avail the service?

You can simply download the app on Google Play Store if you are using an Android smartphone. You can also access the site by typing on their mobile browser if you are using a non-Android handset or basic phones.

Within the app or mobile site, you can choose whether you prefer English or Filipino. Then, select JobStreet among the list of available sites to create an account or log in to your existing account, and start searching for job postings not only within the country but also abroad.

Additional information on how to get the app and use the services can be found at or by texting INTERNET to 9999.

List of accessible sites through Philippines apps

With the app on their mobile phones, TNT, Smart and Sun subscribers nationwide may now access the following sites:
  1. Askcom
  2. Bing
  4. wikiHow
  5. Wikipedia
  6. Inquirer
  7. Philstar
  8. Interaksyon
  9. Rappler
  10. ESPN
  12. Accuweather
  14. Wattpad
  16. Jobstreet
  18. PesosandSense
  20. Unicef
  21. BabyCenter
  22. MAMA and Girl Effect
  23. Facebook
  24. Facebook Messenger
Source: SMART
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