Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Viral : Davao Customer Allegedly Found a Worm in Milk Tea (with Photos)

Milk tea is really good this summer but then again be careful.

A customer in Davao City was dismayed after she allegedly found a worm-like creature while sipping the delicious milk tea drink she ordered from a milk-tea store in Gaisano Mall.

Nikki Plasabas a regular customer of the said milk-tea store narrated in facebook that when she spotted the worm, she go back to the stall to complain but the attendant just only said" pasensya na. Plasabas also added that in the area where the milk-tea is being prepared she saw more crawling insects.

Plasabas posted:
Hello Mr. Unknown creature! Why didn't you say you were inside my milk tea? Jan ka pa nagpakita na ubos na HAHAHA! Anyway guys, especially milk tea lovers like me out there. Beware! Even if it is sold in malls, we are still not so sure if its safe and clean! Pumunta na ako dun sa stall nila, snabihan lng ako ng "pasensya" tas habang naga reklamo ako, there are insects crawling where they mix or shake their tea! It is very disappointing ksi regular costumer ako. I hope they will make a move right away. Thank God okay lng ako but for the first time naka tikim na ako ng insect HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yun lng God bless! 
Upon examining closely the glass photo and doing online research, we found out that the said milk-tea shop located at the 3rd level of Gainsano Mall is the 360 Hand-shaked Milk Tea Shop. 

Hello Mr. Unknown creature! Why didn't you say you were inside my milk tea? Jan ka pa nagpakita na ubos na HAHAHA!...
Posted by Nikki Plasabas on Wednesday, April 22, 2015
For fair journalism we contacted the said establishment to ask their statement about the issue.

Meanwhile following the milk-poising incident in Manila, Duterte vows to strictly monitors milk-tea store in Davao City and issued a warning to shutdown outles if found out using expired ingredients.

"If you're selling ... poison, I'm going to run after you. I will confiscate your property and I will close your store, period. Whoever it is, wala akong pakialam, e-embargohin ko lahat, yang gatas, hindi ko lang yan e-embargohin, ipapasara ko kayo!" he told GMA Davao.

He also reminded all outlets selling milk tea in the city to make sure their products are clean and will not affect consumers' health.

The products must also pass the standards of the Food and Drug Administration, the Mayor added.

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