Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Viral Photo : Baby was rescued alive after earthquake hit Nepal. He was under the rubble for 22 hours.

The death toll from the massive earthquake that struck Nepal four days ago has already climbed above 5,000 and authorities said there were 8,000 injured and displaced.

But at least 22 hours after earthquake devastated Nepal, a miracle emerged from the rubble. CNN has obtained and shared these powerful images in facebook showing a four-month-old boy being rescued by Nepalese soldiers.

As of this posting these photos already garnered 848,182  likes and 202,492 shares.

According to Nepal's state news website Kathmandutoday, the baby boy's name is Sonit Awal, son of Shyam Awal of Bhaktapur-4, Muldhoka. He was rescued by the Nepalese army on Sunday morning at 10 AM and His parents are safe to take care of him.The house they lived collapsed the day before, Shyam Awal had called the rescuers.

The army had tried till midnight to get the baby out without success, so they left him to come back the next morning. Shyam had lost hope that he would be able to see his son alive the next day.
After the army left, he had heard his son cry, so the hope was still there. The rescue team came back in the morning and rescued the baby at 10 am.

When the baby was rescued, he was in a good state- Shyam Awal said. The baby was taken to Bhaktapur Hospital for a check up and was cleared of any injuries.

Photo credit : Amul Thapa
Sources : CNN / Kathmandutoday

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