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Father Shot Dead Daughter from Disco Party after Mistaken as “Aswang”

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Koronadal City - The “aswang” phenomenon in South Cotabato has been featured in the news recently. It became worst when 16-year old girl was gunned down by her own father last May 29. The victim identified as Carmelita Sandigan, a resident of Purok Malipayon, New Iloilo, Tantangan, South Cotobato.

According to her sibling, Sanggutin said that their father thought Sandigan an “aswang” or evil spirit when the victim arrived around 1 o’clock in the morning. She entered the house by climbing the roof en route to her room.

The victim didn’t want to enter the house because she scared of reprimanded by her father. She did not inform her parents to go to the disco party. They were anxious over the news about evil creatures in their area.

Carmelita Sandingan photo via Koronadal News FM page

Sandigan’s parents awakened what they heard from the roof. The suspect asked who’s up there several times but no one responded. He fired warning shots using a cal .45 pistol and heard someone shouted “inah.” She was rushed to the nearest hospital, and declared dead on arrival. 

The victim was buried the next day, followed the Muslim tradition. 

Tantangan Municipal Police Station said that the relatives dismissed plans to file criminal charges against the suspect.

Source : Koronodal Brigada News FM
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