10 Most Fierce Quotes Ever from the World's Badass Mayor – Rodrigo Duterte

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was a well known public servant in the Philippines. He had been elected for several times and had been serving the City for decades already. Throughout his service, he became very effective in terms of keeping the peace and order in his City through strictly implementing rules and laws. He was even tagged as "The Punisher' because of his controversial crime fighting strategies. But he was more famous because of his fearless comments and statement against law offenders and criminals. Here are a few of his unforgettable lines.

#1. On an interview with Jessica Soho when he was asked regarding running for presidency, he said "Alam po pag ako ang presidente, I will warn you I do not covet the position. Pag naging presidente ako, magtago na kayo. Yung 1,000 n ayan it would reach 50,000. I will kill all you breaking the life of the Filipino miserable. Papatayin ko talaga kayo.”

#2. During a tv interview on ABSCBN Davao, he gave his political nemesis, Prospero Nograles a message he would never forget. “Bullshit ka Boy! Fuck you!”

#3. In February 2009, he gave a terrifying message to the criminals who would want to send terror in his City. “If you are doing an illegal activity in my city, if you are a criminal or part of a syndicate that preys on the innocent people of the city, for as long as I am the mayor, you are a legitimate target of assassination."

#4. In a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, he clearly stated where criminals would end up in his City. “Criminals have no place in the city, except in jails, detention centers, and God forbid, in funeral
parlors. You will not survive, you can leave either vertically or horizontally”, he added.

#5. In a repot by ANC, the fearless mayor offered a bounty which no one can resist. "2 million pesos pag nahuli nyo nang buhay si Ryan Yu. Pag napatay ninyo, doble, 4 million pesos. Pag nadala nyo ang ulo ni Ryan Yu dito sa akin na may dry ice, para hindi mabaho, magdaragdag ako ng isang milyong piso. I don’t need you to bring the body, just bring me the head of Ryan Yu, tapos tayo.”

#6. In a report by Sunstar.com.ph, he revealed what's going to happen to looters hi­jacking trucks containing Tacloban relief goods, “If they will ransack the trucks and get the meds, barilin mo sa paa lang, total may prosthetics naman yan pagkatapos.”

#7. In one of his interviews, he stated what he is going to do with criminals and corrupt officials once elected as president. “Ngayun pag ako ginawa nyong presidente, ubos yan lahat itatapon ko sa Manila bay. Ipakain ko sa isda para tataba ang mga isda dyan… yung mga kriminal isali ko na ang mga corrupt sa gubyerno para isang ratsada nalang,”

#8. In a televised interview.”’Pag ako ang pinagbigyan ng Diyos na maupo diyan, mismong ang Diyos iiyak, tingnan mo,” Duterte said before the group of transport operators in Parañaque City as outlining his plans if for presidency.

#9.” If I'm the president, I will declare a revolution. I will rebel against my own government and close down everything except your businesses and make a body to take care of your expenses." Duterte told Davao City businessmen during the 15th Davao Trade Expo.

#10. "Cut the trees and I will cut your heads" Duterte once said as a warning to illegal loggers in Davao region.

Image credits: AFP/ Keith Bacongco