Saturday, October 31, 2015

Muslim Community outrage over AlDub’s Hosts Arab Dress as H'ween Costume

He’s maybe an AlDub fan but he felt disrespected when the two veteran Eat Bulaga’s host Joey De Leon and Tito Sotto worn Arabic dress as Halloween costume.

On Saturday, October 31, a certain Chocolot Oii (ﻋﻤﺮ ﻋﻴﺴﻰ, Omar Isa when translated to English) posted a personal status in facebook calling the two veteran Eat Bulaga hosts ‘disrespectful’ and insensitive. He elaborated that Arabic dress is sacred for it is a symbol Islamic faith and should not be used for occasions like Halloween. He’s referring to Eat Bulaga’s AlDub Nation Halloween segment aired last Saturday.

“Ginawang Halloween Costume...!

Ano po sa tingin niyo samin mga Muslim MULTO?... At ano po ang alam niyo sa kasuotan na ganyan NAKAKATAKOT?..

Mga sir, wala naman pong ganyanan... Yan po ang gamit namin mga Muslim na lalaki sa araw-araw at sa tuwing humaharap kami sa aming Panginoon o Diyos (ALLAH SWT), sa mga oras ng aming pagdadasal at nabibilang na rin po yan bilang simbulo ng pananampalataya sa Islam (Sunnah)... Matoto po kayong gumalang kung nais rin galangin..

Ang ganyang kasuotan ay hindi nagpapahiwatig ng kakatakotan o nakakatakot, bagkus ito'y nagpapahiwatig kadalisayan at dangal ng isang mananampalatayang lalaking Muslim.
Kung sakali man makarating sa kanila dalawa ito, hangad lang namin alamin ang niyong layunin kung " Bakit at Ano ang nais parating sa pagsusuot ng ganyan bilang Halloween Costume? " it read.

The post quickly went viral and earned mix reactions from Netizens.

"How come this became an issue? By the second I saw them earlier on TV, the first thing that came on my mind is that they just mimicked BIN LADEN, not the Muslims' faith itself... You may search Bin Laden on Google and this was his prominent attire because he's a MUSLIM. HUWAG KAYO AGAD MAG GENERALIZE. Wearing this attire doesn't mean that they disrespected the religion. In fact, we can dress anything we want in halloween. May mga nagko-costume pa nga ng angels, or nuns, name it... Huwag naman masyadong maging NARROW MINDED. Don't throw an issue just because you want to find a blind spot to bash them. Tsaka for the whole show kanina, there were no signs naman na binastos nila 'yung attire. Their intentions were pure and have no traces of ambiguity. Just for the sake of wearing a halloween costume which is also a TRADITION.Tsaka, karespre-respeto ba si BIN LADEN? Ask yourself", Paolo Gabarda responded.

That is not intended to be wear as a costume, especially if you'll use it for halloween or all saints day and all souls day and even they make an excuse to use the "Ghamis" because of idolizing the clothing of arabs then please pinpoint to your mind that we, Muslims DO NOT CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN. We do not care about the ratings of the show but, the point here is why do they need to use that Muslim Clothing as a costume yet, it is not?! Believe to what you want to believe but please just analyze what your religion is teaching you so please don't be judgmental”, Misri Estino retorted.

As of writing, the post has already 3600 shares, 5000 likes and counting. What do you about this matter?

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