10 Highest Paying Job for OFWs

WorkAbroad.ph, the country’s leading online platform offering overseas employment opportunities, has listed the 10 highest paying jobs abroad this year.

The report revealed that overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the field of health care have the highest paying jobs, with a monthly average salary of PHP111,620.

In particular, those who are specializing in pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology have the highest salary across OFW jobs.

The same report noted that such countries as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom give the highest salary for health care professionals.

The highest salary for health care workers in the UAE is logged at PHP253,826 a month, followed by Canada and New Zealand at PHP172,500 a month, and UK at PHP153,333 a month.

Overseas demand for health care workers is also strong, according to the report that was done from January to September this year.

Health care jobs shared 11 percent of the 117,000 jobs posted at WorkAbroad.ph over the period.

Following health care professionals, OFWs in process design and control and instrumentation have the second highest average monthly salary of PHP87,027.

Third highest paying specializations abroad are in public relations and communication with an average monthly salary of PHP83,375.

This was followed by aviation and aircraft maintenance and law and legal service, with an average monthly salary of PHP81,149 and PHP80,500, respectively.

Completing the list of 10 highest paying jobs for OFWs are education and training and development at PHP62,438; quality control at PHP58,463; information technology-related jobs at PHP57,639; engineering-related jobs at PHP57,102; and architecture and interior design at PHP55,660.

Over the period, engineering-related jobs are the most in demand overseas, accounting for 26 percent or 30,972 of the total job postings at WorkAbroad.ph.

The 10 countries with the most number of job postings for OFWs are Saudi Arabia (46,026), Qatar (11,991), UAE (6,670), Kuwait (3,465), Bahrain (2,433), Oman (1,950), United States (1,225), New Zealand (572), Brunei Darussalam (518), and Australia (473).

Sources : PIA / PNA