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A Mechanic Man Cut Off his Dad's Private and His Own.

In Malaysia, a mechanic man brutally cut off his father's penis and then, his own when family refused to be lived his apocalyptic preaching in their home.

The both suspect and his 67-year old father have been rushed by the police into the hospital where doctors attempting to re-attached the injured parts.

According to authorities, the man also tried to cut off private parts of his brother-in-law, who managed to flee with other frightened family members from the house during the incident.

The suspect, a mechanic in Balakong, Selangor, had returned to his parents' village home a week earlier.

On Saturday morning, he called his family members, including his sister's family in Pahang, to gather at the house.

When they arrived, he allegedly spent the whole night lecturing them about the apocalypse and, right before them, he started to use his fists and attack his father..

At around 1.30am yesterday, after the bruised father had gone to bed, the mechanic stormed into the older man's bedroom with a kitchen knife and used it on the father's private parts.

The 40-year old suspect morbidly did the same to his own penis while his mother watching in horror.

Although the suspect did not have a history of mental illness, he was believed to have been influenced by a false religious teachings and beliefs from the Internet.