Mara and Elo: A Very Heart-Touching True Love Wedding Video

This video has been shared already on Facebook with enormous numbers of likes and sharing. In YouTube now it has around 100K page views.

This couple named Mara and Elo proves that true love exists on earth. Mara is such a very perfect woman but Elo has dwarfism, he’s a little person. The two tie the knot in the Philippines last year in St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, Makati City.

The lines that two has said in this episode will touch everyone’s heart:

Elo says, “You know, I had a lot of questions for God. Why? Why me? I didn’t get the answers then, but now that you’re in front of me, I realize that you are the answer to all of my questions…to all my prayers… and much, much more.” Mara’s vows are just as touching, at one part saying, “My arms and legs are made to be the extension of yours.” It’s so beautiful.

According to former classmate of Mara, the bride is a graduate of Mass Communication from FEU while Elo was from ADMU. Both came from good families.

Video Credit to: Jason Magbanua