Best alternative words to use instead of “Good Luck!"

Goodluck! This is the easiest and most common word that we can say to people wishing them for a good fortune. But do you know that not all people don't like the word" GOOD LUCK" as it is opposed to their faith? 

Some Fundamentalists claims that they don't believe in " Luck " as well as saying "Good Luck" to fellow believers would be good encouragement. They firmly believe that nothing happens by chance or luck hence God is sovereign and he controls everything even the smallest occurrences in their lives.

They even associate the word " Lucky " as the device of Lucifer, the Satan to give a man false hope instead of trusting God's mercy and providence.

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Do you agree with those principles? 

To cut the story short, there are phrases that best substitute for Goodluck that works relevant to most people and  you already used  these in common everyday conversations as follows:

Best Wishes

Fare Thee Well

Godspeed – sounds better than God bless

Do well

Break a leg

Fingers Crossed

Let me know how it goes

I hope it works out".

Go forth and conquer!"

Hope this helps!"

All the best

Have a better one!

Hakuna Matata – means no worries

Smooth sailing.

Hope you do well. Cheers!


Ah good times!

Best Regards

Wish you well

XOXO – hugs and kisses
Go with God

More complimentary words you can found here also: http://www.sd40.bc.ca/kelvin/compliments.htm