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Mary Jane Veloso Narrates How she was Trafficked and Ended Her Life in Death Row

Families, relatives and friends of Mary Jane continuously praying for a miracle to save her life from the Death penalty.

The 30-year old Filipina from Nueva Ecija, Mary Jane Veloso was found guilty by the Indonesian court of allegedly transporting 2.611 kilos of heroin in its airport on April 26, 2010.

But her family believes she's innocent and only a victim of drug syndicates.

Out of despair, Veloso narrated (in broken English) of how she was fooled by fellow Filipino recruiter ending her life in a death row.

The original copy of the said account is reportedly still retained by the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta. The translated copy was made available and posted at Bulatlat.com.

Original Statement of Veloso


I worked in Dubai as a domestic helper. My contract was for two years. But I worked only for 10 months because I nearly became a rape victim. I decided to come back to the Philippines on Dec. 31, 2009. Back in my country, my money was not enough because I need to send my son to school. I need to work again.

I went to Manila to apply in an agency several times, again as a domestic helper. But three months later, I found none. The agency did not contact me. One day, Christine asked me about work. She is our neighbor. My family knows her because she goes to Malaysia almost every week to buy shampoo, lotions, perfume, among others. All the people in our village know that her business is buy and sell.

When she asked me to work as a domestic helper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I told her that I want to but have no money to buy a ticket. She assured me not to worry and that I will have to pay for it with my first two months’ salary.

This is a blessing. I accepted and thanked her.

On April 21, 2010, Wednesday, Christine and I went to Malaysia. I brought only two jeans, two shirts and underwear inside my backpack. We stayed in Sun Lagoon Hotel near the Pyramid Mall. During our three-day stay, we would always eat out and shop for my personal needs. But I said that it won’t fit my bag. She told me not worry because her boyfriend will buy me a new bag.
On Saturday evening, her boyfriend called and told us to meet them in a parking lot. I saw their white car. We approached them. Christine’s boyfriend’s name is Prince. There were other men whom I don’t know. One was black and tall, one was fat and has curly hair. There was another one who was not fat. One of them said that they were informed that I needed a bag. So they bought one for me. I thanked them.

We returned to the hotel. Christine carried the bag. When we were inside the room, I asked Christine why the bag was heavy. She said it was because it is brand new. I checked all the zipper and pockets of the bag. All were empty and did not think that something was wrong with it.
I packed all my things in the bag. After packing, Christine handed me a brown envelope that contained $500 and an Air Asia ticket. She told me to fly to Indonesia for seven days for the holidays and meet some of her friends there. She said I will start my work as soon as I returned to Kuala Lumpur.

I did not have a choice. When I get back, I can start my work because it is important for me and my children.

I rode a taxi to the airport at around 3:00 a.m. on Apr. 25, Sunday. My flight was at 7:00 a.m. Christine gave me her friends’ contact number. She said that I can contact them when I reach my hotel. I landed in Indonesia Airport at around 8:30 a.m. But when my bag was put inside the scanner, the Indonesians asked me to do it over and over again, around two to three times. Then I was brought to an office where they asked again if they can check my bag. He checked it but did not see anything. Then the man asked if he can cut my bag and I agreed because I know that there was nothing wrong with it as I have checked it. But when they cut my bag, they saw a black plastic bag, inside was an aluminum foil. I asked what was the problem but then I was brought to another office. Here, they opened the aluminum foil and found a powder that was color light brown. The men checked the powder, which then turned into solid. The man asked me if I know what it is and I answered that I don’t know.

They all laughed at me, saying that it was heroin, a kind of drugs. My body felt so cold. I could not speak. I just cried and cried. I knew my life was finished. Drugs is number one illegal. I hate myself on why I believed Christine and why I never doubted her. Now, I’m here. But I do not know anything


Veloso family asking for mercy from Widodo to save Mary Jane
Veloso, who did not finish first year high school, was married to a man from Esguerra District,
Talavera, Nueva Ecija but that marriage turned to be void from the very beginning because she was a minor, only 16 years old, at the time it was solemnized. The guy is now living with another woman, said Interaksyon report.

Veloso, has two sons - now aged 12 and 7.Last February, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) brought them to Indonesia to visit their mother.