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PhilHealth Now Extends Hemodialysis Coverage from 45 to 90 Days

Good news!

Due to growing incidence of kidney diseases in the country and as a responds to the increasing clamor from different stakeholders, PhilHealth finally announce the increase of coverage for hemodialysis from 45 to 90 sessions per year.

The main aim of the agency is to help lessen the financial burden of its members undergoing the said treatment.

“Based on a series of consultative meetings and dialogues with our stakeholders, our current coverage of P 4,000 for hemodialysis is more than enough to cover the treatment cost per session, thus, we are adjusting the case rate amount to P 2,500.00 per session but extending the number of sessions per year,” said PhilHealth President and CEO Alexander A. Padilla.

Hemodialysis image via renalandurologynews.com
Padilla also explained that the reduction in the package amount will extend the members’ accessibility to the treatment of up to 90 sessions per year instead of the current maximum allowable sessions of 45 per year. “We want to assure our members that this adjustment will not in any way affect the quality of care being provided by our accredited facilities,” Padilla added.

With this new development, PhilHealth members including their qualified dependents undergoing dialysis treatment are ensured of longer sessions in a year thereby reducing     out-of-pocket expenses to achieve better health outcomes. The adjusted PhilHealth coverage of   P 2,500.00 per session includes payment for facilities and professional fees of attending physicians.

PhilHealth members can avail themselves of the benefit package at any of its accredited Free Standing Dialysis Centers and hospitals nationwide.