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Why Filipino Food is worst compared to other Asian Country?

Asian cuisine has been known all over the world. Because of its explicit taste and rich history, Asian cuisine has started to pave its way to the taste buds of the people not just in Asia but around the globe. Although most of the countries in Asia are receiving prestige because of their food, Philippines is one of the few exemptions. According to some foreigners, food bloggers and even some chefs who got to taste a few Filipino foods, it is the worst food that they ever tasted. Some have even said that they will never want to eat these foods again.

Tuyo or fried fish is one the most common viand of poor Filipino family aside from Bagoong. 
Filipinos do not have a distinct culture to start with. The Philippines have been colonized by different countries, such as Japan, Spain and USA which left huge influences especially in the food sector. Despite the effort of many to introduce and boost Filipino food worldwide, it did not have relevant effect on the Filipino food industry.

According to an international study, Filipinos have the worst health habits in Asia - could this be attributed on eating poor food?

Probably yes. Majority of Filipinos, although not everyone work hard and earn less which somehow is one of the reasons why their food is prepared and cooked in the simplest way. You cannot find common Filipino who is serving basil leaves, mint or even a simple oregano in their food. Two to three cloves of garlic and a small piece of onion will do. Their way of living has the biggest influence on the way their food is cooked and prepared. Street food in Philippines is very prominent. It is the easiest and probably the cheapest way for them to purchase and acquire food. How healthy or safe these types of foods are, are the least of their concerns. Much of the Filipino's way of eating is not as luxurious as other countries. Most are eating for survival.

Contributed by Raine Corpuz