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2016 PAFOCS and CS Examinations Venue and Dates

This is a press release from PAF.

Manila, Philippines - The Philippine Air Force will start accepting filled application forms for officers and enlisted personnel (candidate soldiers) starting January 25, Monday to be personally submitted to designated nearest processing centers.

Dates of examinations, processing and testing centers, qualifications, requirements and other details including downloadable application forms can be found at www.paf.mil.ph

Below is the official PAF examination dates and venue for SY 2016

Date | Testing Center
26-27 Feb 2016 - TOG 1, Loakan Airport, Baguio City
02-03 March 2016 - 580th ACWG, San Fernando, La Union
02-03 March 2016 - 570th CTW, Antonio Bautista Air Base, Palawan
07-08 March 2016 - 600th ABW, Clark Ari Base, Pampanga
07-08 March 2016 - ADW, Basa Air Base, Florida Blanca, Pampanga
12-13 March 2016 - AETC, Fernando AIr Base, Lipa City, Batangas
17-18 March - TOG 2, Cuayan AIrport, Cuayan, Isabela
29-30 March 2016 CJVAB, Pasay City

Date|Testing Center
02-03 March 2016 - TOG 8, DZR Airport San Jose, Tacloban City
17-18 March 2016 - TOG 6, Dingle, IloIlo CIty
29-30 March 2016 - 560th ABW, Benito Ebuen Air Base, Lapu-Lapu CIty

Date|Testing Center
26-27 February 2016 - TOG 10, Old Airport Lumbia, Cagayan De Oro City
26-27 February 2016 - TOG 12, Datu Udin Sinsuat, Cotabato
12-13 March 2016 - TOG 11, Sasa, Davao City
17-18 March 2016 - TOS Rajah Buayan, Gen. Santos City
03-04 April 2016 - 530th ABW, Edwin Andrews Air Base, Zambo. City
To be updated..

If you're planning to join the country's elite forces on air, you still have ample time to be prepared mentally and physically. For your guidance below are the qualifications and requirements.

Requirements for Candidate Soldier applicants:

- Be male or female, natural born Filipino citizens
- 18 – 23 years of age upon admission for training
- Single, never married and no legal obligation to support a child or children
- Have completed at least 72 units in college
- At least 5 feet in height (152.5 cm) for both male and female
(Indigenous people must submit certification from the National Commission on Indigenous People Main Office)
- With good moral character
- Physically and mentally fit for military training

From the application form, physical defects such as the following would demerit or disqualify the application:
- Tattoo
- Obesity
- Pierced ear/s for males and extra piercing for females
- Crossed eyedness
- Bow leggedness
- Excess/lacking finger

Requirements for Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate (PAFOC):
- Educational Attainment: PAFOC- Baccalaureate Degree Holder
- Age: PAFOC – 21 to 29 y.o upon admission for training

Philippine Air Force Exam Requirements: 
- Application Form
- NSO authenticated birth certificate
- TOR (Transcript of Records) or Diploma
- Two 2×2 recent colored photos

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