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Duterte Forced Arrogant Smoking Tourist to Swallow Cigarette

"Never ever challenge the law" this was the last words of the infamous Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to a Filipino tourist who was caught violating the smoking ban law during the celebration of the Kadayawan festival in Davao City.

According to a post written by Former North Cotabato Governor Manny Piñol dated September 3, 2015, the tourist was in a restaurant having his cigarette. When the owner noticed him, the owner informed the tourist about the very strict implementation of the smoking ban in public places in the city. But the proud tourist said "Bakit pera ba ni Duterte ang binibili ko ng sigarilyo? (Why, am I using Duterte's money in buying cigarettes?) This statement urged the restaurant owner to inform the police about the arrogant tourist and his smoking violation. A few minutes later, Duterte came inside the restaurant, the tourist immediately dropped his cigarette and stepped on it. According to Piñol, witnesses said Duterte approached the defiant, calmly sat beside him and pointed a .38 revolver. He then told the smoker "Papiliin kita: barilin ko ang b...g mo, i-preso kita o kainin mo ang upos ng sigarilyo mo," (I will give you three choices: I shoot your b...ls, I send you to jail or you eat your cigarette butt.) the smoker could only mutter "Sorry mayor" and picked up his cigarette butt and swallowed it.

But according to Peter T. Laviña, Duterte's spokesman, the smoking incident happened a long time ago. According to him, the mayor was on his way to City Hall when he was informed about what was happening in the restaurant. The mayor went to the restaurant and confronted the smoker. The smoker arrogantly said  "Bakit ko itapon ang sigarilyo ko, ako ang bumili nito at hindi si Duterte?" (Why should I throw my cigarette when I was the one, and not Duterte, who bought it?). "It was at this point sinabihan sya ni mayor, 'Gago ka pala, bastos ka! Sige kainin mo ang sinabi mo at kainin mo ang sigarilyo mo.' Laviña told Rappler. "Ipinakain tlga, but he never pointed a revolver [at] anyone, as far as I know. It is not the attitude of the mayor,” He added.

(It was at this point that the Mayor told him, "You're a fool, you're rude! Go and eat your words and eat your cigarette." He really made him eat it, but he never pointed a revolver [at] anyone, as far as I know. It is not the attitude of the mayor.)

This incident clearly shows how laws in the City of Davao are strictly implemented.

House of Hope

According to Piñol, the fines collected from smokers are given to home for kids with cancer.

In what could be considered as an ironic twist, fines collected from violators of Davao City's very strict Anti-Smoking Ordinance aimed at lowering incidence of lung cancer among others, have been given to a halfway house for children from all over Mindanao suffering from cancer, the former North Cotabato Governor said.

Last year, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, after seeking the approval of the City Council, turned over P3.2-M to the House of Hope, a facility for children with cancer at the back of the Southern Philippines Medical Centre (SPMC).

"Out of your vices, I will spend the money for children with cancer," Duterte said when he turned over to the House of Hope in June this year the P3.2-M fund representing fines collected over a period of two years in Davao City.

The House of Hope, a project of the Waling-Waling Rotary Club of Davao City, serves as the temporary home for children stricken with cancer from all over Mindanao who have no place to stay in the City.

Sources : Manny Piñol 
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