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How to Apply ICT Jobs in the Armed Forces of the Philippines #CEISSAFP #NUP

Are you an IT fresh grad or professional seeking a stable –for- life job?

Here’s the good news for Pinoys. The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is inviting IT professionals and fresh grads to fill up agency's technical positions as Non-Uniform Personnel (NUP) or also known as Civilian Employees.

The Communications Electronics and Information Systems Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (CEISSAFP) is in need of the following experts in Computer Programming, System Analysis, Web Programming, Graphic Artists, Web Developement, Microwave Technology, Satellite (VSAT) Technology, EPABX Technology and Electronics technology.


Here is the shortlist of requirements and qualifications:
  • Sever administration: SQL, Linux, Solaris, Windows
  • Programming: Oracle, MySQL, JSP, VB.net, Java, PHP, VB, Visual Studio
  • Education : BS ECE, BS CpE, BS ComSci, BS Information Technology, BS Mgmt Info Sys – at least two(72) units in any related course or have finished six(6) months of related technical course accredited by TESDA.
  • Civil Service Professional Eligible or PRC Board Passer
  • At least 5 feet in (5’0’) height
  • 18-23 years old Single, never married/separated, must not have sired any child
  • Natural born Filipino Citizen

Documents to submit:
  • Resume
  • Civil Service Eligibility (Professional or PRC)
  • 2 pcs (2 x 2) picture white bg
  • NBI and PNP Clearance
  • Birth Certificate(NSO with O.R.)
  • Original/Authenticated TOR or TESDA certificate (Authenticated)
  • Certifications if any : Microsoft, CCNA, CompTIA, Oracle, JAVA and other relevant certifications.
*All Documents must be placed in long folder with tabbing
*All Documents must be reproduced 5 copies
*Original Documents/Requirements must be presented for verification


For compensation and responsibility details scan this embedded PDF:

BENEFITS of BEING A Civilian Employee

  • Enjoy security of tenure
  • Guaranteed job in the AFP as member of the Army, Philippine Air Force or Philippine Navy after graduation from training.
  • Starting salary of: Enlisted Personnel (EP) = Php 17,780.00 / month
  • Officer (2LT) = Php 26,149.00 / month
  • Free medical and insurance benefits including direct dependents.
  • Housing and other benefits
  • Chance to go on schooling abroad on any ICT courses as full schoolar
  • Chance to be a Certified CISCO Network Administrator or CCISP

Wants to join as Civilian Employee with PNP? Read this guide [ How to Apply as Civilian Employee in the PNP ]

For more info you contact CEISSAF recruitment office.Contact and Email: 02) 911-6001 Locak 4001,4027 | Email add: oc1_ceissafp@afp.mil.ph