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Sen Trillanes on #DavaoExplosion: illegal drug problem is definitely not national security threat to our country

Instead should sending prayers and support for innocent victims of the Davao night market bombing, Sen Trillanes prefers to attack the campaign of current administration against drugs for which it draws salvos from Netizens.

Statement of Sen. Trillanes on #DavaoExplosion posted on PTV news page as it reads:

Yesterday's terrorist attack in Davao is a grim reminder that the illegal drug problem is not the biggest and definitely not the only national security threat to our country.
Having said that, the declaration of state of lawlessness is not warranted at this time. What is needed is less big talking and more serious intel work.

Christian Israel Nacion commented on the statement of Trillanes:
 Illegal drug and terrorism are two major problems of our country. WTF is he saying? #Pabida e siya nga puro satsat lang kulang naman sa gawa.

Mercy Uchimura:
Traitor of republic shut up!! You are the one having a big mouth your not helping the country as a senator..people are paying taxes as your salary u are nothing but an asshole!!
Iyham Duenas:

The problem with you and your cohorts Sen. Trillanes is, you never told us the gravity of the crime and drug proliferation during your Presidents' reign.
You did not talk big and did not do more to alleviate the crime, corruption and illegal drugs.
So in short. You played safe.

Ed Garcia :

Brainless Senator Trillanes didn't even think that it could be drug syndicates trying to divert the attention of the public into terrorism...Just in case you don't know because you don't think, why releasing a statement that concludes illegal drugs is not a problem? Why you want to instill to the public this concept of yours?This senator is hiding something....

As of this writing, Trillanes statement has been garnering 1000+ vehement comments and hundreds shares.

On Friday, September 2, a bomb exploded around 10 p.m at the Roxas night market near Ateneo de Davao University leaving 14 people dead and 71 injured. The Abusayyaf claim responsibility of the said terrorist attack.Authorities are still investigating the identity of the perpetrators and vows to have them paid.