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NAPOLCOM Exam Results for April 2018 | Passers List #Entrance #Promotional

Those awaiting results of April 2018 National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) exam for the Philippine National Police (PNP) entrance and promotional examinations can find here the complete list of passers and top 20 as the commission is expected to release results in 2-3 months after the exam.

The list of successful examiners can be viewed through these links once available from NAPOLCOM (Check back soon!.)


According to National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) over 46,576 examiners took the exam on April 22 in designated testing centers nationwide.

A total of 2,977 of the 31,385 examinees for the PNP entrance test and 2,575 of the 15,191 police examinees for promotional tests shall take the PNP exams in the National Capital Region (NCR) testing centers, namely, Makati High School, Pitogo High School, Benigno Aquino High School, Fort Bonifacio High School 1 and 2 and Tibagan High School, all in Makati City.

The exam covers the qualifying examination for Police Officer I and the promotional examinations for Police Officer (for PO2 and PO3); Senior Police Officer (for SPO1 to SPO4); Police Inspector (for Inspector and Senior Inspector); and Police Superintendent (for Chief Inspector and Superintendent).

The PNP entrance examination consists of questions on general information, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and logical reasoning; while the promotional examinations include general information, police administration and operations, and police customs and tradition/values and ethical standards.