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Top 10 : March 2018 Civil Service Exam Results CSE-PPT

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) already named, the top 10 passers (topnotchers) for the Career Service Exam - Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) conducted nationwide last March 18, 2018.

The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) got the highest passing rate in the Professional level at 17.32% or 1,388 passers out of 8,014 examinees. For the SubProfessional level, the National Capital Region (NCR) had the highest passing rate at 14.80% or 1,259 out of 8,506 examinees.

CY Rodriguez from NCR topped the Professional level with a rating of 87.01, while Arvin Aliguin from Southern Tagalog topped the SubProfessional level with 88.36 rating.

Completing the list of top performing examinees in the Professional level are: Maryliz Zubiri (NCR)-86.66, Kevn Benedict Prudon (NCR)-86.61, Gilson Joseph Galera (CAR)-86.50, Jazhper Eirrol Sanidad (NCR)-86.45, Eula Tricia Ann Mines (Davao Peninsula)-86.43, Joshua Cris Aguilar (Southern Tagalog)-86.43, Dominni Jermond Abarro (Davao Peninsula)-86.42, Marfin Loi Cabuyao (Southern Tagalog)-86.42, and Angeli Apostol (Central Visayas)-86.32.

On the other hand, highest scorers in the SubProfessional level are: Pisseth Bien Amie Mabanta (Southern Tagalog)-88.28, Ma. Armae Hazel Joy Medina (NCR)-88.19, Alfrey Oria (NCR)-88.19, Czendra Faye Compares (Cagayan Valley)-88.15, Donna Mae Gaviola (NCR)-88.04, AJ Wincielou Johanna Gabin (Central Visayas)-88.02, Celso Raro III (Southern Tagalog)-87.92, Willy Ann Joves (Ilocos Region)-87.91, and Arexon Doria (Ilocos Region)-87.74.

Other regions with notable passing rate include: for the Professional level – NCR (17.10%), Central Luzon (13.39%), Southern Tagalog (11.81%), and Central Visayas (11.25%); and for the SubProfessional level – CAR (12.37%), Central Luzon (12.96%), Southern Tagalog (12.14%), and Western Visayas (10.70%).

CSC released CSE-PPT results on Wednesday, May 16 or 59 days after the exam and  a total of 4,573 successfully passed the civil service sub-professional level examinations.

A total of 25,602 or 10.71% out of 238,966 examinees passed the Career Service Professional Examination, while 4,573 representing 11.20% of the 40,821 examinees passed the Career Service Sub-Professional examination, last March 18, 2018.

The CSC said that Professional and Sub-Professional eligibles may be appointed to appropriate positions in the government that do not involve practice of profession and are not covered by special laws, provided they also meet the education, experience, training, and other requirements of the positions.