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Army Pre-Entry Examinations for OCC, OPC, and CSC Applicant - ARO VISAYAS - Oct 2016

Be informed that the Army Personnel Management Center thru the Army Recruitment Mobile Team will conduct Pre-Entry Examinations to qualified applicants of Officer Candidate Course (OCC), Officer Preparatory Course (OPC) and Candidate Soldiers Course (CSC) in Eastern Visayas from 26-30 October 2016.

Interested applicants may proceed to the following venues:

Date Activity Venue
26 - 28 Oct 2016 AFPSAT Samar State University, Mercedes Campus, Catbalogan City
29 Oct 2016 AFPSAT Leyte Normal University, Tacloban City
30 Oct 2016. AQE/SWE Leyte Normal University, Tacloban City.

Pre-screening of prospective applicants prior to examination should satisfy the following mandatory qualifications and requirements during registration:

1) Age requirement:
a) Civilian applicants: 21 – 33 years old;
b) Enlisted Personnel: 21 – 36 years old;
2) Must be a graduate of POTC with reserve rank of 2LT:
3) Baccalaureate degree holder;
4) Filipino;
5) Height of not less than 5’0ft (152.4cm) both male and female but not more than 6’4”(193.04cm);
6) Physically and mentally fit; and
7) Enlisted Personnel can apply even without completing one (1) term.


1) 21 – 29 years of age upon admission (no age waiver);
2) Baccalaureate degree holder;
3) Single and never been married, never borne or sired a child;
4) Filipino;
5) Height of not less than 5’0ft (152.4cm) both male and female but not more than 6’4”(193.04cm);
6) Physically and mentally fit; and
7) Enlisted Personnel can apply even without completing one (1) term.

1) Filipino citizen;
2) Preferably 72 units in college;
3) 18 – 26 years of age on the date of convening (no age waiver);
4) Physically and mentally and psychologically fit for military service;
5) If High School Graduate, must possess a certified skill needed by the service;
6) At least 5 feet in height both male and female;
7) Single without a child; and
8) No pending case in any court.

d. Requirements for the registration during examinations:
1) NSO Birth Certificate
2) Transcript of Records and Diploma (original)
3) Diploma w/Form 137-A (for High School Graduate)
4) Valid ID
5) One (1) 2X2 picture

For more information contact:
TSg Noel D. Cabides Cell Nr: 0927-443-3906

Photo credit : ARO Luzon
Sources : AROVIS

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

No More Pokemon Go Inside Military Camps - Philippine Army

A new mobile app called Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game launched by Niantic two months ago here in the Philippines. Since its launch, many Filipino fanatics have already engaged in playing the said game.

The game uses phone screen and cameras as the main tools to allow players to search and capture virtual critters knows as Pokemon.The critters can be found at PokeStops in the real world, in real time. When a Pokemon is captured, it can then be trained and brought into battle.

Another feature of the app is it also provide “gyms” in the game which can be found in local landmarks and popular public areas such as malls, parks and etc., where players can battle with each other.

Recently the Philippine Army has published a directive prohibiting its personnel from playing Pokemon Go inside its camps. According to Army chief Lt. Gen. Eduardo Ano, a directive has been issued to all service personnel, which strictly banned soldiers and officers from playing the Pokemon Go while in the military camps.
The game was banned in the military areas since it involves taking pictures of prominent base facilities including restricted and private areas. It also depends on Geo-positioning technology to provide the exact location where the scene was taken, through the use of smartphones, which transfer the picture of these sites to third parties.
Ano also said that men in uniform have also been reminded to be wary of any third party applications or services looking to assist users’ search. “Security researchers have discovered a unique ransomware variant posing as a Pokemon Go Application for Windows,” he added.
According to Lt Gen Ano is the obvious risks posed by the game to players the need to look on their smartphones while walking, running or when crossing the streets.
Another concern regarding playing the said game is that, the app is reported to have “full access” to personal Google accounts without user authorization for those who have downloaded and installed the app. According to reports, the “full access” allows Niantic to read the user’s email, send messages on their behalf, access Google drive documents and more.
The Armed forces of other countries, including the USA, Iran, Singapore, Canada and Israel have also expressed concern regarding the possible threat posed by Pokemon Go regarding military installation’s security.

 “Military personnel are also advised to report to the Intelligence Division if they can still detect Pokemon stops and gyms inside a military camp for their subsequent request for their removal.” Army Chief Ano. 

Sources:  DWDD / PIA
Photo credit : BrokenNews
Contributor : R. Corpuz

Multi-Million Drug Rehab Facilitity Will Rise Soon in Davao City

Davao City - A multi-million drug rehabilitation facility will be built in the City of Davao starting December 2016, this was announced by the local government.

According to City Administrator Zuleika Lopez, the facility will complement Davao’s current rehabilitation center located at Bago, Oshiro which also cater drug dependents from outside the city.

Lopez stated that the rehabilitation facility which will be jointly funded by Resorts World Manila and Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PagCor) will be built on a 2.5- hectare property in Malagos.

The City Vice-Mayor Paolo DUterte welcomed the news, saying it will definitely help the City accommodate more drug dependents who wish to reform.

On his weekly public affairs program “Pulong-puling ni Pulong”, the young Duterte said “We support this because this will also help decongest our rehabilitation center”.

Currently the Davao City Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Drug Dependents (DCTRCDD) can only cater a maximum of 100 people.

According to the city government, the number of drug personalities who have surrendered since July of this year has already reached at 9, 000.

Sources: DavaoBreakingNews
Contributor : R. Corpuz 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Philippine Marine Corps conducts Recruitment in Koronadal City #PMC #PN

October 14, Manila (PN) - The Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) Mobile Recruiting Team (MRT) will conduct recruitment of Candidate Soldiers in Koronadal City, South Cotabato (Region XII).

The following are the schedule of activities:
Information Drive.............................................................10 Oct - 20 Oct 16
Screening of Applicants.....................................................20 Oct - 04 Nov 16
AFPSAT...........................................................................05 - 06 Nov 16
IQ Examination.................................................................06 - 09 Nov 16
NP Screening....................................................................06 - 11 Nov 16
Physical/Medical Examination............................................10 - 15 Nov 16

Qualifications for Basic Marine Course

INITIAL REQUIREMENTS: Birth Certificate (NSO), High School Diploma, Transcript of Records if at least 72 units in College and if high school graduate with TESDA Certificate, 2x2 Picture with white background

  • Must be a Filipino Citizen and of Good Moral character.
  • Must be 18-23 years old.
  • Unmarried and with no child to support.
  • Holder of at least 72 units in college or graduate of any TESDA course (TESDA Certificate, Enrollment Report and Terminal Records)
  • Height of at least 5'4" (male) and 5'2" (female)
  • Must not have any pending civil / criminal case.
  • Physically, Mentally and Psychiological fit for military training.

Career Opportunities for PMC

  • Competitive Pay and Allowances.
  • Insurance and Health Care Benefits.
  • Billeting and Housing Privileges.
  • Leadership and other Skills Training.
  • Free Medical and Dental Service (Including Dependents).
  • Job Security
  • Opportunity for Career Advancement.
  • Opportunities for Post Graduate studies both within the country and abroad.
  • Opportunity to lead the sailors / marines.
  • Opportunities to serve in international peacekeeping missions under United Nations.

Pay and Allowances

  • Basic pay of Php 16,215.00.
  • Additional monthly allowance of Php 5,750 pay.
  • Longevity pay 10% of the current monthly base pay compounded every five years of active military service.
  • Cash gifts and bonuses.

Contact information

Bonifacio Naval Station Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 
Phone Number: (02) 815-3420 loc 6137 
Mobile Number: (+63) 917-476-3071 / (+63) 919-558-6274

Marine Barracks Fort Bonifacio, Bonifacio Naval Station, Taguig City 
Phone Number: (02) 893-2121 loc 935 
Mobile Number: (+63) 917-785-6758

For more details check our previous post : How to Join the Philippine Marine Corps

Samsung begins fund and exchange for Defective Note 7 owners in S. Korea

SEOUL, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -Samsung Electronics on Thursday began its refund and exchange program for Galaxy Note 7 owners in South Korea after it discontinued the faulty smartphone.

Note 7 owners were recommended to take their phones back to the store where they purchased the defective smartphones.

South Korean consumers can opt to get a full refund or exchange Note 7s with other devices, including Apple's iPhone 7 or LG Electronics' G5 and V20 or Samsung's Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung said in a statement that it will provide 100,000 won (USD89) in gifts, including a 30,000-won coupon and a 70,000-won assistance for phone charges, if Note 7 owners replace their phones with Samsung products.

The 30,000-won coupon would be given to all Note 7 buyers even if they exchange their phones with other products, such as iPhone 7 or G5.

If Note 7 owners want to receive the full 100,000-won gift from Samsung, they are required to replace the phones with Samsung products until November 30.

The refund and exchange program will continue by the end of this year. The program may differ by country.

Source : XINHUA
Photo credit : THESUN.CO.UK

Look: Chinese Vendor in Divisoria Urinates on His Fruits

Love to buy fruits in Divisoria and Ongpin? Please beware you might have been eating contaminated fruits all along..

An alleged Chinese fruit vendor in Divisoria caught on cam while sprinkling his fruits with urine.

As shown in the video, the guy just pulled out his private then, proceeded to spray a variety of apples and oranges on display publicly. Apparently, he was reprimanded by his buddy but he didn't pay attention.

The disturbing video was posted by ‎Mattheo Nikdao‎ at CADRICORP page with the caption that reads:
Intsik na tindero ng prutas sa divisoria, iniihian ang kanyang mga paninda.. magingat po tayo sa mga binibili nating prutas.. pakikalat po ang video na to para malaman ng karamihan.

Video credit : philpopcooltureTV3

How to Join as Philippine Army Reservist | Qualification, Application, and Benefits #Arescom #AFP

This article is basically a guide for Philippine Army Reservist in general. If you want specific info about PN and PAF Reservist application please visit the link at the bottom of this post. 

Who are qualified to enlist as a reservist?

The Reserve Force is composed of different social groups which are as follows:
  • Degree holders who are Basic  and Advance ROTC graduates
  • Out-of-school youth or undergrads who are graduates of the Special Basic Citizen Military Training (SBCMT)
  • Basic Citizen Military Training (BCMT) graduates
  • Professionals/Degree Holders (with or without PRC License)
  • Graduates of MNSA at NDCP
  • Key and technical personnel of govt and private utilities & companies
  • Elected/appointed government officials
  • Incorporated Officers (Retired Military personnel)
  • Members of the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU)
  • Deserving NCO’s of the AFP
  • Former enlisted personnel

What are the general qualifications?

There are certain qualifications to become a citizen-soldier which includes:

a.) Applicant must be a Filipino citizen
b.) Must not be less than twenty-one (21) years nor more than sixty-four (64) years of age at the time of appointment as reserve officer
c.) Must pass the physical examination standards conducted by an authorized AFP hospital or civilian / government hospitals and the physical examination report to be validated by the Major Service Chief Surgeons
d.) Must be a graduate of a baccalaureate degree / Honorary degrees except deserving Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) / Petty Officers (POs).

 Must take the AFP aptitude test battery (AFPATB) except the elected government officials, appointed government officials, holders of government licenses, Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) graduates and Armed Forces of the Philippines Affiliated Reserve Unit (AFPARU) Personnel.

 Appropriate Pre-Commission Training for individual applicants and Military Orientation Training for AFPARU applicants shall be required prior to Commission into the Reserve Force.

Can women enlist and be commissioned as reservists?

Women shall have the right to serve and as such, relevant standards for admission, training and commissioning of women shall be the same as those required for men.

However, essential adjustments shall be made in such standards due to physiological differences between men and women.

What are the necessary documents needed to enlist as a reservist?

For degree holders and ROTC graduates, Transcript of Records (TOR), diploma, ROTC Declaration of Graduate and Order of Merit are needed. For out of school youth and undergraduates on the other hand, medical certificates and local clearances are also required.

What is the process to be enlisted as a reservist?

An interested applicant, an undergraduate or an out of school youth, must undergo a Special Basic Citizen Military Training (SBCMT) course at any community defense center (CDC) for 15 consecutive Sundays to become a reservist.

ROTC graduates, CAFGU and former enlisted personnel should visit the CDCs to signify their intent of activation in the Reserve Force after getting an order of separation from their previous armed service.

What ranks and assignments will they be given?

For the basic ROTC graduates, they will be given a reserve enlisted rank and serial number and will be assigned in their provincial reserve units and mobilization centers. The ranks to be awarded shall be from private to sergeant. Those to be awarded ranks above private shall be chosen based on merit. The same goes for the graduates of the SBCMT.

To those who wish to continue to the advance ROTC course they shall carry their enlisted rank until after their successful completion of advance ROTC.

The graduates of advance ROTC on the other hand, shall be recommended for commission in the reserve force as second lieutenants and will also be assigned in their respective provincial reserve units and mobilization centers.

Those with manifest potential may be commissioned in the regular force as 2LTs; but, those who fail to complete the course shall be conferred the enlisted rank of Sergeant.

Will there be trainings after enlistment?

Trainings are conducted to enhance the readiness of individual reservists and reserve units to respond to the call to service. One of which is the Compulsory Training for the First Category Reservists, which takes about not less than thirty days but more than sixty days in a given year.

Voluntary Training is also encouraged for individual reservists, commissioned and non-commissioned officers to upgrade their proficiency.

What is the status of reservists on training?

Reservists on compulsory and voluntary training shall be subject to military law and shall not receive pay but shall be entitled to allowances and burial benefits as provided by law.

How about the status of reservists under mobilization?

When enlisted or officer reservists are called to active duty by virtue of mobilization, they shall receive all the pay and allowances, medical care, hospitalization and other privileges and benefits prescribed by law or regulations for officers and enlisted personnel of the regular force.

Who are qualified to be commissioned as officers of the Reserve Force?

 Degree holders who are Advance ROTC graduates or have successfully completed the prescribed program of instruction for the Probationary Officer Training Course (POTC/MS-43) conducted by the Major Service RESCOMS

 Degree holders requiring four (4) or more years of study in the courses of interest to the AFP and who are graduates of the basic ROTC

 Elected government officials and presidential appointees who may qualify for commission

 Non-commissioned officers (NCOs) COs/Petty Officers (Pos) of the regular force with outstanding records of service and technical experience and those who have rendered exceptional services in combat or other activity involving risk of life or limb

 Graduates of the Master in National Security Administration (MNSA) conducted by the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP)

 Key and Technical personnel of affiliated reserve units

 Regular Officers who have resigned his/her commission and the acceptance of which was not for cause or Reserve Officer who are no longer qualified for Call to Active Duty (CAD) provided his reversion is not for cause

What is the process for application?

The AFP Reserve Command and the Major Services through their respective RESCOM are responsible for soliciting applicants for commission and all applications shall be thoroughly screened by the screening boards which shall recommend candidates for commission to the Major Service /AFPRESCOM Commanders then to the Chief of Staff, AFP.

The Reserve Commands, in this case, the Army Reserve Command, upon receipt of the complete application, shall request for a conduction of background information (BI). While BI is still ongoing, an Interim Clearance shall be issued so that the supporting documents can be processed.

The Chief of Staff, AFP, based on the evaluation and recommendation of the DCSRRA J9, shall recommend to the President, through SND, the commission in the Reserve Force, AFP of qualified candidates. The Adjutant General, AFP shall then publish the appropriate orders announcing the appointment of reservist officers commissioned.

Please also read: How to join as Philippine Air Force Reservist and How to Join Philippine Navy Reservist

Photo credits : ARESCOM / Davao Occidental LGU

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Region 11 Room and School assignment for october 2016 CSE-PPT Exam

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announces notice of room assignment for all qualified applicants of October 23, 2015 CSE-PPT for Region 11 examinees.

In order find your name easier in the list below, download the file and press CTRL + F to search your name. The CSC will conduct the CSE-PPT for Professional and SubProfessional levels in at least 54 test centers nationwide.
Can't view this pdf? please visit this link

If you're having difficulty in searching your name through the PDF file you may access the CSC Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA) portal. ONSA is now available via the CSC website ( It can also be accessed through the path (

 Please let us know if you need some assistance.
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