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Common Interests: Why It is Important to Do Something Together

Love is a rather strange thing. It knows how to do amazing things with human life. It has many tools: illusions, psychological pressure, rewards, cruel punishments. All this exists in order to scoff at inexperienced people.

Here's how it works.

At first it seems to you that you found a soul mate. You talk on the phone for hours. You watch the same series, love the same movies and reread the same books. On a wave of euphoria, you decide to live together and indulge in all of this pleasant things 24/7. But after the first begin passes, the truth is revealed. Your fascination with the classical Greek tragedy was slightly exaggerated. It seemed to your girlfriend that she had read the entire collection of Leo Tolstoy's works, but in fact she has read an abbreviated version of his most famous novel. It's love that has done to you all this thing to mock and laugh at the look of your confusion.

But you can outwit her. You just need to find out what kind of joint interests you really have and how this can be used to strengthen your relations. So, let's begin.

How to Find Out Your Joint Interests (guide from meetwife)

Do you need to have common interests in a relationship? Yes, of course. But first, stop lying to yourself. Tell yourself honestly: "Buddy, you are not interested in German philosophy. In fact, you are interested in science fiction and everything related to it. " Ask your partner to do the same. Do not be shy to appear a nerd or "the usual everyday normal girl like everyone else." You have already passed this period. You are already together. You can open all the trumps.

Then just start discussing these interests with your partner. Tell him or her why you have such a hobby, what attracts you in it and why you think it's cool. Let the partner tell the same about his or her interests. Just talk. Believe me, it will be fun. At the end you will find out ,should dates have common interests or not by yourself.

A sincere story about things that a person really likes, can entice anyone. Or you or your partner will have a desire to learn more about the hobby or interests of a loved one. This will be the beginning of a good tradition to spend leisure together. Soon you will have many things to do together as a couple.

Joint Cooking of Food As a Universal Way to Merge With Your Partner

There are many different relationship things to do together, but I advice you to start with cooking food. Even cooking a breakfast, lunch or dinner together has a beneficial effect on the relationship in pairs! It is checked up on my own experience And I can say with absolute certainty that the joint cooking of food is one of the secrets of a happy family life. During such cooking you can discuss different news, passed day or plans for the upcoming day, or you can just be silent, everyone  immersed in it’s own inner world, but most importantly - what delicious dishes you will get in the end!

The secret is that the joint preparation of food has a sacred meaning and a powerful therapeutic effect for the psyche. You go together to the same goal - a delicious dinner. Each of you has the means to achieve this goal. You unite them together, complement each other and gain new experience. You feel a spiritual unity, very natural and strong.

During the joint cooking, you can discuss any topics, even those that your partner reacts negatively in normal circumstances. Praise each other, give recommendations, think out how to improve the recipe. If none of you have anything against alcohol, a glass of good wine will enhance the wonderful creative atmosphere.

Joint cooking allows you to feel that only such an active leisure in a pleasant atmosphere can strengthen your spiritual and romantic connection. And then you will have a new hobby - searching of romantic things to do together.

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Thursday, December 07, 2017

Latest PAF Exam Schedule for Candidate Soldier #CS

Calling all aspiring applicants of the Philippine Air Force. Kindly check the scheduled dates for the upcoming examinations. You can also download the actual application form.

Posted is the upcoming nationwide schedule and venue of examination for CANDIDATE SOLDIERS!


The following are the initial requirements to be submitted during the application:

a) Duly accomplished Application Form.
b) NSO Birth Certificate (Original & Photocopy)
c) Transcript of Records (College & K to 12 Graduates)/ Certificate of
Grades (atleast 72 College Units)
d) 2 pieces 2X2 ID picture with white background
e) Other essential documents like Armed Forces of the Philippines
Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT) Individual Result Form (IRF) (IF
TAKEN): Original and Photocopy


After accomplishing this form, submit the same at your preferred Examination Center together with the following: 2pcs (2x2) ID pictures in white background, NSO Birth Certificate (original & photocopy) and Photocopy of Transcript of records (College & K to 12 Graduates)/Certification of Grades (at least 72 College Units). For those applicants with Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT), attached
Photocopy of AFPSAT Individual Result Form (IRF). Original copy will not be accepted.
(All documents shall become PAFPMC property).

-Walk-in applicants may be accommodated provided that they bring with them the same requirements stated above.


  • Male or female and a Citizen of the Republic of the Philippines
  • Educational Attainment: CS - K to 12 Graduate/ at least 72 College Units
  • Height of at least 152.4 cms (5’ 0” ft) for both male and female
  • Age: CS–18 yrs old but not more than 26 upon the date of appointment as Candidate Soldier (born from 12 March 1992 to 12 March 2000)
  • Physically and mentally fit for military training
  • With good moral character

CS applicants who will pass the written examinations and who will be included in the qualified applicants to be processed will be notified to report at their Processing Center for their Physical Fitness Test (PFT).


PAFPMC | Col Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City
Contact #s : 812-9055/ 09234090047/ Local: 6021 
AETDC | Fernando Air Base, Lipa City
Contact #s : (043) 756-1502 / 09062721492/ 756-1117 / Local 3201 / 3211 
5TH FW | Basa Air Base, Floridablanca, Pampanga
Contact #: 09506277673 
3RD TOW | Edwin Andrews Air Base, Zamboanga City
Contact #s : (062) 991-1070 / 09177090182 / Local: 6126/ 6141 
560th ABG | BGen Benito N Ebuen Air Base, Lapu-lapu City
Contact #s : (032) 340-3128 / 09430170993 / 09061412339 
600th ABG | Air Force City, Clark Air Base, Pampanga
Contact #s : (045) 599-2014 / 09235856549/ / Local: 6301 
570th CTW | Antonio Bautista Air Base, Puerto Princesa City
Contact #s : (048) 433-3991 / 09205645859 / 09174890701/ Local: 4141


The following are some of the Benefits CS applicant may receive:
a) Competitive Pay and Allowances
b) Opportunities for Post Graduate studies both local and abroad
c) Insurance and health care benefits
d) Billeting and housing privileges
d) Job Security
e) Leadership and other skills training
f) Opportunity to lead in the Air Force
g) Opportunities for Career Advancement

You may download the application form here!

For more information, please inquire at PAFPMC, Col Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City (812-9055)

2018 Salary Table for AFP, PNP, BJMP, PPSC, PCG, & NAMRIA

As shared by Provincial Director Boyjie Alacaba in Facebook, below is the screenshot of the modified base pay schedule for Military and Uniformed Personnel (MUP), to be implemented beginning Fiscal Year 2018:

As promised by President Duterte, the base pay of the following personnel is effectively doubled:

  • Police Officer 1, Philippine National Police (PNP)
  • Private, Department of National Defense (DND)
  • Equivalent ranks in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), and National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA)
The increase in the compensation of the military and uniformed personnel (MUP) will be funded from the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund (MPBF), and from any available allotment in the respective budgets of the agencies according to past DBM statement.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

AFPSAT Results for November 7-16 Butuan & Awang Maguindanao - AROMIN

The Army Recruitment Office of Mindanao or AROMIN has released the results of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Aptitude (AFPSAT) conducted from November 7 to 16 which was administered by the Philippine Army at CSU Butuan City and H6ID Awang Maguindanao.

The announcement of results were posted by AROMIN through their website :

Below are the results of the AFPST by date and venue:

November 7- 9 | CSU Butuan AFPSAT Results
November 13-16 | H61D, PA, Camp Siongco, Awang , Maguindanao AFPSAT Results

Congrats to all passers! You're one step closer to your dreams as aspirant soldier of the republic!

Final List: Candidate Soldier Applicants for BMT CL-2018A - PAF

For those who are waiting for the results of Philippine Air Force Candidate Soldier- Basic Military Training (BMT) exam results for class 2018 is now out!

Over 600+ applicants qualifies for BMT and will have their chance to step closer for a dream to serve the aerial warfare service branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

The training for CS-BMTS will commence on December 11, 2017 (Monday, 7:00 AM) at the Fernando Air Base, Air Education Training and Doctrine Command, Lipa City, Batangas (BMTS Grandstand)and aspirants are advised to bring listed items below upon reporting.

For inquiries, kindly contact the PAFPMC (attention: recruitment branch) at cp # 0923-409-0047.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How to Join Presidential Security Group (PSG) | Qualification, Benefits, Salary and Recruitment Info

What is PSG?
The Presidential Security Group (PSG) is the lead agency tasked with providing security to the President of the Philippines, the Vice President of the Philippines, and their immediate families.
The PSG is stationed at MalacaƱang Palace, the official residence of the President. Members of the PSG also accompany the President on both domestic and overseas trips.

Roles of PSG
The role of the PSG is to provide protective security to the following:
-          The President and their immediate families.
-          Former Presidents and their immediate families.
-          MalacaƱang Palace (Seat of Government).
-          Visiting heads of states or diplomats and Cabinet Members and their families traveling with them.
The Presidential Security Group also have other functions, such as providing support to other government agencies. They assist the AFP and PNP in its anti-organized-crime undertakings, usually authorized by the Office of the President. They also conduct community service efforts in local communities and maintain and secure all facilities and transportation assets used by the Office of the President and Vice President in doing its regular and non-regular functions.
They are also mandated to provide close protection for ex-presidents for life.

-Filipino Citizen 
-College Grad or w/ minimum 72 units and TESDA certificate 
-18 to 26 Years Old-Physically and Mentally Fit 
- Height: 5’6’’ for Female & 5’8” for Male 
-With excellent pleasing personally

Initial Requirements:
-Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate 
-2 pcs 2x2 picture w/ white background 
-1 pc full body picture with white background

Salary and Benefits (To be updated)
Opportunity to join one of the elite forces of the AFPOpportunity to protect the President both local and abroadGreat retirement benefits

Recruitment Info
Screening of applicants started last September 18, 2017 at PSG Headquarters, Malacanang Palace, Manila.
For more details please call 0906-441-9810

Monday, November 06, 2017

PCG Aptitude Battery Test Results CY 2017 |List of Passers #PCGABT #CoastGuard

Manila – The Philippine Coast Guard(PCG) is happy to announce the names of individuals listed in the embedded file below who successfully passed the PCG Aptitude Battery Test for Enlistment conducted this Calendar Year-2017.

The official results was released last Saturday, November 3.

The second phase of the application process will be announce soon thru PCG’s website.All passers are advised to stay tuned.

Herewith the official result of PCGABT 2017

View Results on Facebook : 2017 PCG ABT List of Passers


1. This pertains to the list of Applicants who successfully passed the PCGABT conducted for CY 2017.

2. Applicants who successfully passed the PCGABT shall undergo Physical Fitness Test (PFT), Dental Examination, NP Test and Medical Examination which part of the Recruitment Process.
3. Guidelines for PFT are as follows:

a) Applicants shall secure a copy of Processing Form from O/CG-1. For applicants in PCG Districts, Processing Form can be downloaded from

b) PFT to all Manila Applicants will be scheduled by the Special Service Office in coordination with the Recruitment Branch. Only 100 applicants per day will be accommodated for PFT by the SSO. First to undergo the PFT will be the first 100 applicants, followed by the next 100 applicants, and so on.

c) PFT to applicants from PCG Districts will be scheduled by the District Athletic Officer and shall be posted on the PCG Official FB Account,

d) All applicants should have a duly notarized Physical Fitness and Release of Liability (PFRL) Form before conduct of PFT. NO PFRL, NO PFT shall be strictly implemented. PFRL can be downloaded from

e) Applicants shall ensure that their processing will be signed by the Athletic Officer after the conduct of PFT.

f) Applicants who will not appear on their PFT schedule, shall be re-scheduled on a later day.

g) Applicants from PCG Districts who opts to process their application in Manila shall be scheduled for PFT after finishing the PFT of all Manila Applicants.

Source: PCG Recruitment Branch

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

NAPOLCOM Exam Results for October 2017 | Passers List #Entrance #Promotional

Those awaiting results of October 22, 2017 National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) exam for the Philippine National Police (PNP) entrance and promotional examinations can find here the complete list of passers and top 20 as the commission is expexted to release results in 2-3 months after the exam.

The list of successful examiners can be viewed through these links once available from NAPOLCOM.


Top 20


Police Inspector 

Senior Police Officer

Police Officer

PNP Entrance

According to National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) over 44,002 examiners took the exam  on October 22 in designated testing centers nationwide.

A total of 3,217 of the 29,691 examinees for the PNP entrance test and 2,872 of the 14,311 police examiners for promotional tests took the PNP exams in the National Capital Region (NCR) testing centers, namely, Makati High School, Pitogo High School, Benigno Aquino High School and Fort Bonifacio High School, all in Makati City.

The exam cover the qualifying examination for Police Officer I and the promotional examinations for Police Officer (for PO2 and PO3); Senior Police Officer (for SPO1 to SPO4); Police Inspector (for Inspector and Senior Inspector); and Police Superintendent (for Chief Inspector and Superintendent).

The PNP entrance examination consists of questions on general information, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and logical reasoning; while the promotional examinations include general information, police administration and operations, and police customs and tradition/values and ethical standards.
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